Extended CLICK5… CLICKB8: The Porpoise Of Synchronicity?

2 thoughts on “Extended CLICK5… CLICKB8: The Porpoise Of Synchronicity?

  1. In a related note, that song “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life” won an Oscar in 1987 for best original song, from the movie Dirty Dancing.
    1987 was the year Empire of the Sun was released, and I think that was the first film Ben Stiller was in. Certainly the first film I ever saw him in.
    Coincidentally, Empire of the Sun (a spectacularly odd film about the goings on during WWII between British, Chinese and Japanese interests) features Christian Bale in his first role. (or one of his first roles)

    On another note, ever since I first fell into this “popularized” synchronicity business, I’ve noticed that “Pilgrim’s Progress seems to be an object that fascinates a lot of these “big sync people” or the leaders of syncromysticism or whatever the fuck its called. Anyway, I’ve found it quite odd that so many “popular folks” and celebrities are feeling it necessary to take a pilgrimage to Ukraine.
    From Scott Pilgrim vs The World…

    When I saw that “lesbian sperm” video, got me to thinking about Ben Stiller playing Mr Furious in the film Mystery Men plus the bi-furious gal from Scott Pilgrim.

    ^AC/DC – Big Balls^

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    1. This ‘lesbian sperm’ vid?

      Maybe they want to use it for hair gel…

      You’re absolutely right – they’re all making a pilgrimage to Ukraine. I don’t think a British royal has gone yet but Charlie and Camilla visited a Ukrainian cathedral in Ottawa in May…

      Btw, great catch on the Oscar winning song – I’d completely missed that; I just thought it was funny 😀


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