CLICK5: A Past & Future Present

7 thoughts on “CLICK5: A Past & Future Present

  1. Perhaps they should also send along a priest to pray over the procedure and/or administer the last rights is things go awry?

    Maybe also a corporate representative to issue an instantaneous settlement offer/restitution?

    Perhaps an official with a baton for uncooperative types?

    An undertaker on standby to cart the corpse off?

    A financial officer/representative to ensure that the bank’s interests are protected?

    Cleaners/erasers to march in and remove all remaining traces/nagging reminders that this person ever existed?

    Would be quite the parade.

    ^Depeche Mode – Blasphemous Rumours^

    Really just wanted to see if I could comment whilst not logged in to WordPress, but in doing so, I did start to wonder if vegetarians/vegans realize they are being injected with animal products.

    Which begs the question, will there be vegetarian items on the vaccination menu. Or is this where PETA issues a statement saying avian/porcine/bovine/animal materials are OK in this case because its for the greater good.

    Gotta wonder about allergies too.

    Patients With Vaccine Allergy May Be Safely Vaccinated Following New Guidelines

    Guess we’ll see.

    ^No Mana & i_o – Bad Things (feat. Fay) [Original Mix]^

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    1. It’s funny you should post that, Frank, as that syncs nicely with my Underdog Anthology XIII story, ‘Christmas Death Wish’ 😀 You’ll have to wait until Christmas Day to read it here though, unless you buy a copy of UAXIII which will hopefully be out at end of the week 😉


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