CLICK5: Bawbags, Barr None

2 thoughts on “CLICK5: Bawbags, Barr None

  1. In addition to your dual ClickV’s, I also woke up to two other weirdnesses.

    That’s the first thing I saw upon waking this morning. I don’t have a FB account, but can view the vid, and I texted back to the person that sent me the link and commented that I thought maybe I had died in my sleep and awoken in another dimension. Not exactly sure which dimension, but obviously it’s new, under construction, and someone hasn’t a clue wtf they’re doing other than perhaps frightening the living shit out of new residents and/or passersby.

    In the second weirdness I awoke to, shit got even more strange.

    @2:19 into the vid below is where things really go off the rails. Or maybe even “stay right on track”?

    Can only wonder if the “lifting the veil” and “disclosure” motifs are taking a turn.

    ^Star Trek Epic FAIL | CANCELS Fans Again and Itself^

    Maybe some of these Intellectual Property owners figure they have to take a hit now and then in order to protect these IPs in the long run? Like parking the rare care in a barn, covering it with a tarp, and letting it begin rusting and collecting dust until someone who’ll appreciate it for what it is comes along to refurbish it?
    (and I’m thinking more Doctor Who here than Star Trek, but also Battlestar Galactica and other “revisionist” types of “reboots”)

    There’s obviously a power struggle going on. People trying to wrestle control or ownership away from someone else, and the current owners are just kinda letting the fishies run a bit to tire them out. They’ll then either reel them in, or cut the line.

    ^My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue) (2016 Remaster)^

    To be fair, its tough to find your place in a world where everything is already owned when you arrive. Nowhere to go, and no way of getting there even if there was somewhere to go. This could result in some feeling a need to hijack someone else’s shiz and attempt to make it their own.

    The confusion is understandable tho. Supposedly, previous generations were struggling to make a better future and trusting those in power to provide it, but when their posterity actually arrived, turns out it was all a scam. A delaying tactic to sheath swords, holster firearms and cool tempers. A sales pitch to buy time for the big players so they can get in, get what they want, and get out with their hides intact

    Mineral Rights –

    There’s always the lottery I guess.

    ^DOPE – THIEVES (feat. Andy LaPlegua of Combichrist)^

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    1. We’re currently in the middle of the ‘dog days’ of the year, Cade…

      The problem with hollowing out beloved TV shows, movies, newspapers and brands in general in order to turn them into political platforms?

      They’re liable to take a bit of a tumble…

      *In homage, do you think, Clicky, or just copying?*

      Political views, like shoes, hemlines and hairdos are subject to change and may only ever look good from afar…

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