CLICK5: Stormy Wither?


21 thoughts on “CLICK5: Stormy Wither?

      1. Something don’t add up Clicky.

        People are supposedly more or less civil to eachother 24/7, but when they get together in a group, everyone acts like douchbags?


        ^Bill Withers- Ain’t No Sunshine (Moment Remix) (original speed)^

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      1. Several images of Bubo came up last night when I was searching for pics of owls in flight to use on my comment regarding the 144th anniversary of Wild Bill’s death being today. I also most used one of those images of Bubo instead of the one I chose, but the feather action and the musculature movements in the one I chose was to compelling not to use it.

        In the film Clash Of The Titans, Bubo was Hephaestus’s mechanical recreation of Athena’s owl. Zeus had ordered Athena to give her owl to Perseus to aid him in his quest to slay Medusa in order to free Andromeda from death by Poseidon’s Kraken, but Athena refused to do so and opted to compel Hephaestus to make a mechanical version of her owl to accompany Perseus instead. It would appear that the mechanical owl Bubo is fictional in that it is something Hollywood

        Last night just before going to bed, I had a rather compelling instinct to do some reading on the subject of “the thickening of the skin/epidermis”. During my reading I found 37 new skin disorders I had not stumbled upon previously, and wandered in, out and through quite a few issues relating to bowel/intestinal issues, nutritional uptake issues, and how these relate to disorders of the epidermis.

        One of particular interest was this one.
        Lichen Simplex Chronicus –

        I got to that via this one.
        What Is Lichenification and How Can I Treat It? –

        Also of particular interest were these three.
        Dermatomyositis –
        CREST Syndrome –
        Acanthosis Nigricans –
        Mucoid Plaque –

        This morning when I awoke, then read your comment + the Words And Silence bit, it occurred to me to look up the word Bubo to see what it may mean.

        Bubo –
        Adenitis –
        Lymphadenopathy –

        In addition to Lyme’s Disease, Lupus and Leprosy, one thing I keep running into whilst chasing this Morgellon’s thing is autoimmune diseases and disorders. That Lichenification bit about constant itching and scratching last night got me to thinking about the connection between bowel disorders and skin disorders…in, and out (above and below?)…which led me to the commonalities of cotton and corn. What does all that mean? No idea.

        Pick a Bale of Cotton –

        Iron Head, Clear Rock, and Lead Belly. Hrm.

        Say, didn’t James Remar play that Donnie Lonigan character in the movie Wild Bill we watched last night? 😉

        ^Pick a Bale of Cotton – Lonnie Donegan^

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        1. Yes he did…

          You’ve got me thinking of Robert Shaw playing Doyle Lonnegan playing poker with Paul Newman’s ‘Shaw’ in ‘The Sting’…

          ‘”strip of wood forming the border of a field,” 1570s, from Old English sceaga “copse,” cognate with North Frisian skage “farthest edge of cultivated land,” Old Norse skage “promontory,” and perhaps with Old English sceaga “rough matted hair” (see shag (n.)). The Old English word also is the source of the surname Shaw (attested from late 12c.) and its related forms.’

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          1. Speaking of silent runnings Clicky, this morning I was cleaning out my email when a blog post notification from a few days ago caught my eye.


            Got me to thinking about the necessity of creation and destruction coexisting in the same space in order for either to be possible in that space. In Freud’s case I guess there is both Eros and Thanatos “hardwired” into us. I guess also that sometimes one of the two machines makes more noise that the other which somewhat spoils the relative silence of normal smooth operation.

            Harmonic Balance –

            I guess this Thanatos concept explains the origins of the Marvel character Thanos, and also explains his fascination with death. (and balance)

            ^Secondary Engine Balance – Explained^

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            1. I think the people strongly advocating mask wearing do not have a fucking clue what they’re talking about. Wearing a mask is a simplistic and lazy answer, and take no account whatsoever of the very real harm caused by prolonged mask-wearing. And shaming people for not wearing a mask on demand – there’s ample of social media evidence of them screaming and shouting and stamping their feet too – demonstrates the fear of the mask wearer than the person choosing not to wear a mask. The mask is a dangerous virtue signal in my opinion.

              Speaking of Harmonics, however, Hephaestus created the necklace of Harmonia…


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  1. The Whores of Yore images: Know the Ledge’s comment “Looks like a fertility garden to me.”

    Of course, that seems like it’s the first place one would go looking for a gigantic screw.

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