CLICK5: Crown Joules

13 thoughts on “CLICK5: Crown Joules

  1. Lots of trips to Muscat. I guess he’s got a lot of love for Muscat?.

    And speaking of places to love, you think that image showing Chuck’s travels looks like a lady’s lotus on purpose? It’s kinda at an angle, but it looks like labia and clitoris and everything. Well, not everything, but a rough outline.

    Search Bustle… 7 Historical Symbols For The Vagina That Do It Justice

    Whole lotta love.

    ^Muskrat Love – Captain & Tennille^

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    1. Bugger the symbols, how about euphemisms?

      Ringing the Devil’s Doorbell in the Sin Cave, anyone?

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    1. What gets a mind, and keeps a mind, off a something? Welp, in the current context, I’m sure there are plenty of “interests” around the world scrambling to get minds off of certain…pertinences. The problem, is, what got minds on these pertinences in the first place. How do you get someone interested in a something and keep their attention. A buffet restaurant, with a single buffet table, and this buffet table needs to contain multiple dishes to attract customers. With many varieties of foodstuffs available you can attract a wide assortment of clientele, but what happens whenever everyone suddenly starts ravaging the fried chicken? If all customers are craving fried chicken for some reason, and you cannot keep the fried chicken tray full, your customers are likely to become dissatisfied and leave. They may even demand a refund. Whether or not they ask for their money back, your fried chicken craving hordes are likely to storm out of your buffet restaurant, never to return. Prolly gonna tell everyone they know what a shithole your place is.

      ^deadmau5 / Fustercluck^

      Fried chicken is a damn difficult dish to prepare for a lot of reasons. Lots of nuance to preparing it as well. Only so many parts to a chicken, everyone has their favorite pieces, so if you fuck up the preparation of a single piece, someone is likely to have to go without. Breasts are difficult to cook because they are quite thick sometimes, and you can wind up with a breast that is damn near burnt on the outside and raw on the inside. Thighs can have similar issues. Legs and wings can be burnt easily, and there’s those pesky backs to consider as to whether or not they are worth the trouble/will anyone even eat them. The breading has to be watched carefully during cooking, you have to flip all the pieces regularly, and you have to constantly adjust the temperature on the stove so the oil doesn’t get to hot or too cool. This makes things extraordinarily difficult when you need to turn up the heat, but you’ve got one piece of chicken that isn’t done but the crust is trying to burn, and you’ve got another piece of chicken that is refusing to cook. You’ve basically got to hover the frying pan through the whole process of frying chicken. I’ve not even addressed what a pain in the ass it is to clean and cut up a chicken properly, what a mess it is to bread the chicken, and you’ve still got to drain the chicken pieces after cooking and get them ready for presentation and consumption. Which, by the way, hows things going with all of the other dishes that are going to accompany this meal? Yeah, safe to say that a meal of fried chicken is pain in the ass to prepare, and disaster looms around every corner. Hungry people waiting, who may have to go without if something goes wrong. Not that I have any experience with any of these eccentricities..

      ^Quests with Time Limits^

      What gets our mind on a something, and what gets our mind off of that something, is the the same something. Just thinking about the magician working to keep your focus here, lead you there, divert your attention elsewhere, and PRESTO!!! Amazement ensues. I don’t even know how to refer to “the news” anymore. The Press? The News Press? I previously operated under the assumption that it didn’t matter whether you got your “news” from the newspaper or a magazine or television or radio, it was all “the news”. A single buffet that served up different dishes and utilizing varied cookware and cutlery to get the food in your piehole. It was always trustworthy. Maybe that was a mistake on my part and the Internet has worked a bit to expose some bias(es) that were always there, but not real clear/distinct. Yes, there has always been “alternative types of press”, but those guys are nutcases…right? Crazies. With that in mind, from whence does this division spring. Not only that, but also, from whence doth these divisions within the divisions spring? Hrm…how far to go here. From whence…do all things…spring. Digress.

      ^deadmau5 / Subvert^

      So now that there is a rush to get some new items on the buffet table, and it appears that we are all eating at the same restaurant, what to do when foodstuffs appear to become available via…erm…alternate sources. And I’m not talking about the cooks selling pieces of fried chicken on the sly out the back door of the buffet either. I’m talking more in line with things like your suddenly and inexplicably becoming no longer hungry. You aren’t going without, you’re just getting your nourishment elsewhere. Would suck to be the owner of the restaurant in that case. Heartbreaking. All you wanted to do was feed people, but they no longer like what you are serving up. Or in this case, what you are NOT serving up.

      ^deadmau5 – 4ware^

      The deathwatchers appear to have chalked up their three…Neal Peart, Terry Jones, Kobe Bryant. Kinda weird to me that the deathwatchers have lumped Kobe Bryant in with the other two “celebrities”. Kobe Bryant didn’t die, a helicopter crashed, 5 individuals aboard this helicopter died, and Kobe Bryant was only one of those five. Has anyone noticed there have been a coupla weird “explosions” appear in the news? Almost reminds me of the bit from the movie Ed Wood where Ed is piecing together a movie from garbage bits of stock footage, and he crafts a story on the fly…

      Edward D. Wood, Jr.: Why if I had half a chance, I could make an entire movie using this stock footage. The story opens on these mysterious explosions. Nobody knows what’s causing them, but it’s upsetting all the buffalo. So, the military are called in to solve the mystery.

      Editor on Studio Lot: You forgot the octopus.

      Edward D. Wood, Jr.: No, no, I’m saving that for my big underwater climax.

      News about this Coronavirus has been going around for over a month, but no one gives a shit until the bodies start piling up? Is that how it works? Makes sense. No one wants to wind up being a statistic in the body pile(s). Which, speaking of, did China really host a 40,000 person outdoor buffet in the big middle of all these goings on? Wait…what are “these goings on”. Do we even know? If so, how do we know? I guess yeah, the same buffet, we’re all eating from it. Perhaps some of our digestive systems work differently from others? /me shrugs

      ^deadmau5 / Vanishing Point (Original Mix)^

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  2. Hi Cade

    The title of your last tune reminds me of this classic Barry Newman road movie.

    Great chases, action and …. music.

    Have you watched it?

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    1. Quite sure I have seen that, yes. Had to go read a bit and was a bit fuzzy as to whether or not I’d seen that until reading the bit about the ending. Loads of movies like that when I was growing up. Pray For The Wildcats, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, The Gauntlet, Convoy, Smokey And The Bandit, The Car, Killdozer, Death Race 2000, Bullitt, Heroes, Eat My Dust, Greased Lightning, Herbie The Love Bug, American Graffitti,,,all kinds of stuff about cars and/or travel. People moving around. Mishmash of happy and sad endings, many tragic endings.

      I’d completely forgotten about the movie Vanishing Point tho. 🙂
      Cool car too.
      I wouldn’t turn my nose up at it were I given one, but both my “dream” cars are Cobras.

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      1. Ah, the ‘ending’. At the start!

        Saw a few from your list Cade. There was the comedic too – e.g. Freebie & the Bean.

        Nowadays, they don’t make ’em like they used to. 😀

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