Adventures in Remote Viewing: The Golden Hind-Sight

This weekend, Dear Reader, Cade Fon Apollyon, my Text US buddy and I have indulged in a double bout of remote viewing. It started on Friday evening, yet it was only at lunchtime today that I saw the glimmer of a sync vein running through the weekend’s viewing selection, but that had not been apparent to me at the time. And just like the start of our remote viewing binge of Friday, the sync realization and this post starts with Jeff Goldblum…

*Lights up, Clicky? …/lights up… Very droll…*

We started with Independence Day – my choice from 1996. It’s a feel good romp if ever there was one, as mankind thwarts the evil machinations of an invading alien species intent on stripping Earth of all her abundant resources, and exterminating the residents…

*No, Clicky we didn’t watch that until Saturday… /drags… We watched two more flicks before Skyfall…*

… The next movie to undergo our synchronised remote viewing was also my choice, but this time I hadn’t seen the flick before, although Cade had. In fact all I really knew about it was gleaned from its descriptive title, and that Daniel Craig was in it. I mean, who doesn’t like to see Daniel Craig striped to the waist?

*Yeah… /streams smoke… I just heard the skyfall reference in the trailer, too…*

To my surprise, the film sported a host of big name stars and many actors we’d remote viewed together before in Deadwood and Carnivale. Now, I know what you’re thinking, Dear Reader: she chose the movies knowing both contained aliens… Is Jeff Goldblum an alien?

*Oh shit! I forgot about that film… /flicks ash… Perhaps we can remote view that later…*

No, at least I don’t think so. In the case of Cowboys Vs Aliens, the invading Extra-Terrestrial marauders were intent on stealing one thing…



*Golden shot, golden liquid and golden haired hero and villain… /smokes… But you’re getting ahead of yourself again, Clicky. There was another movie before that…*

To round of the evening, we remote viewed a movie selected by Cade that neither of us had seen before – No Country For Old Men from 2007. Billed as a ‘neo-western’, it was bound to include cowboys and probably ‘aliens’. It was Cade that spotted the ‘gold’ in that particular selection, earlier today when I asked him if the movie had connected with the substance…

Roob and Cade discuss old gold veins

*Little golden man. It won four of ’em… /blows smoke rings… An’ at the start, the hunter was hunting pronghorns. They’re dear like… /shrugs…*

That thing you do anacronism gold record

*Hoof goof? Probably… /final drag… Clicky, That Thing You Do! came after Skyfall. Your timing’s all over the place today, buddy…*

Saturday lunchtime arrived and Cade and I decided to resume our remote viewing binge. Having watched aliens arrive from above, a rather sexy Daniel Craig and a monstrous Javier Bardem the night before, the choice was easy and it was mine to make. As far as I knew, Cade hadn’t seen Skyfall, but I had…

*Now that I think about it, James Bond is a spy touched by gold… /stubs butt… Golden gun and finger, Clicky. Golden Aiii…*

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to watch Cade’s next choice of movie, one that neither of us had seen before, due to severe lag…

orlando bloom potcv

*The appearance of Orlando Bloom was about as far as we got to before giving up, Clicky… /thinks… Orlando Bloom – Jeff Goldblum…*

… So we remote viewed That Thing You Do! instead, followed by Benchwarmers, a zany baseball comedy about ‘old men’ taking on young boys…

*Yeah! Gold dress, just like Cade said… /grins… Vikings and Danes…*

*And a little man in a goldenish shirt… /snorts laughter… Benchwarmers has also won golden awards…*

And that, Dear Reader, was a golden run through of Cade and mine’s marathon remote viewing sesh this we-kenned…

*Oh yeah…*

Cade and Roob discuss gold

*Now that you mention it, we did watch the gold doc that had been sitting in Cade’s YT ‘Recommendeds’ all week… /lights up… Seriously, when was the gold business ever ‘clean’? And the ‘Artisan’ mining it pushed at the end? … /smokes… Sounds like regular gold mining to me…*

May your week be fruitful and fun, Dear Reader. Have a Song ❤

14 thoughts on “Adventures in Remote Viewing: The Golden Hind-Sight

    1. Tonight whilst watching a saved episode of Pointless whilst eat dinner, ‘Queen Anne’ was a category in the head-to-head round. The correct answer ‘Blackbeard’ was given by one team but beaten by the other team’s answer of ‘1707‘…


    2. I neglected to mention this the other day when you posted the pic, but I’m glad/thankful you posted that pic of Drake’s ship because Roob’s post title was melting my brain. It rang some bells, but I couldn’t remember why,..till you posted that pic.

      Female red deer in Greece with gold antlers that can dodge arrows/bullets/missiles, Drake’s ship (or one of them), a replica of Drake’s (Pelican/GH) ship (which was kept in SoS), a mountain on Vancouver Island in B.C./Canada., and a train between London Paddington and Penzance in the UK. I’ve noted them all for now, but I’ll forget them again. (lolz)

      Deer In Mythology

      I’m always behind, 😉

      ^Golden earring – Twilight zone^

      Oh, and that bit about “roller skating” middle-right is interesting.Saw something on Linda night before last, and there was mention that she was so popular at one point that simply putting roller skates on her would cause an instant rollerskating craze. But she can’t sing anymore now. 😦
      Linda Ronstadt –
      Parkinson’s Disease –
      Rules Of Acquisition –
      Knowledge Acquisition –
      The replica ship is gone, but it would still be cool to visit Southend someday. Especially to visit it prior to all the upcoming changes that appear to be slated for the town. See what is, before “what will be” arrives. Especially since “Every Day Is Like Sunday” is a song I’ve been singing since 1988, and to actually see “the coastal town that they forgot to close down” and “the seaside town that that they forgot to bomb”? Its almost as if I dreamed a dream for 31 years, before I even knew what I was even dreaming about. I likely would have never known SoS even existed had I not somehow bumped into Roob.

      ^Chvrches – “Now is Not The Time”^

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    Some veins only go so far I guess,Then they become, what? Vessels?

    Gold is a weird color. Sure, all colors are weird and have their own individual quirks, but gold is only gold when it’s…gold. Too much or too little of a something, and you’re yellow or you’re brown. Or maybe even sometimes, copper? Copper-ish? I think that’s what blood tastes like. Weird for a something that is both a color and metal to also have a taste associated with it eh?

    And speaking of gold and tastes, it’s rumored that Cyanide (which is used in gold mining/refining) smells like almonds.Only thought of that because there was mention in that documentary that a lot of the Mercury they use to separate the gold, then dump in the river…turns to gas? I’ve never heard that before.

    Can mercury be turned into a gas?

    Did I just learn a new trick? I was under thee impression that new tricks and barnacle-covered sea-dogs like me learning them was an impossibility.

    Well shiver me timbers!
    And keel haul me too!
    I learned not one new trick,
    I think I learned…two!

    ^Ministry – Golden Dawn^

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      1. You might not be familiar with the original incarnation, but cops feature. Lots of divides. The ability to move about freely and unmolested also features, as does “the watchers” and their roles in making sure the rights of one does not impinge/infringe on another.

        Mad Max –
        Bronze –
        Crop (Anatomy) –
        CAW –
        Asymmetric Warfare –
        Toucan –
        The Freshman (1990 Film) –
        Seven Years In Tibet (1997 Film) –
        David Twohy –

        We didn’t wind up watching The Fugitive, but I watched enough for a certain name to catch my eye in the opening credits.

        And it may seem unrelated, but at some point, someone is bound to stick their nose in and wonder what in the fuck is going on. They’ll likely want to be brought up to speed. They’ll want accounting(s). Summaries. Overviews. Who are the players, what game(s) are they playing, etc.. Makes sense tho. Everyone is likely to have that “WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE HERE!!!” kind of moment a time or two.

        ^Adam F – Circles (Album Edit)^
        Caw caw cawpers?

        Bulbourethral Gland – (Redirected from Cowper’s gland) –

        I guess that goop and its appearance could be said to be clearly indickative (no pun intended) of the current state of a male mind. Kinda singular tho. Omits a lot. Like say, who is doing the mining, the tools incorporated into the mining process, what you’re fishing (mining) for and why, the bait you’re using. I can see the potential for a debate as to who found who and why. Likely going to be a stretch for some to think that some oil or natural gas or Tantalum deposit “wants” to be found, but I can’t help but wonder as to the possibility of the existence of “a hunger, to satiate hunger.” Life hungers for sustenance, nature hungers to satiate that hunger, provides sustenance. Perhaps not what you want, nor when and where you want it, but somewhere at some point you’re gonna get what you need. Sounds almost like a song or something. 😛

        A Burro or Donkey with a carrot dangling in front of its nose is kinda what I’m picturing. But I’m also tangling with the notion of “getting into the driver’s seat” with respect to being aware of not only who needs a something, but how you get that something to them that need it. Flying starving someone from eastern Peru to New York City for a Big Mac and fries might seem excessive. Makes more sense to build a McDonald’s in Peru. Guess it depends on which perspective you’re doing your thinking tho.

        Just got to thinking about there are at least two references to “Coppers” in O Brother, Where Art Thou. Got me to thinking about bronze, tin and silver (badges), and those things and structures that allow us to be what we are. Things that are reflective of the power(s) behind these things.

        EX: A police badge might be made of various things.There’s going to be production and supply lines required to produce that badge, and the individual cop can in-turn produce the badge when required to do so in order to identify themselves and their intentions. It may seem trite, but a gift of sorts from the economic community for the officer(s) protecting their individual interests and the interests of commerce.

        The badge is pretty much a symbol of a lasting something. Like the rainbow in the sky supposedly being a promise that God will never again flood the Earth, That said, the badge of law enforcement is…dare I say, a little more fluid? Here in the USA, cops,badges and firearms are a pretty much accepted trio.But tonfa sticks? Battering rams? Mace? Stun guns? Body cams? Body armor? Beanbag rounds for shotguns? Surveillance of all kinds? What I’m wondering, is the relevance of “the badge”.The badge no longer seems to represent some sort of “implied consensus of your peers”. That consensus being that if you’ve done nothing wrong you’ve nothing to fear, and if you HAVE done something wrong you can count on your peers being understanding and perhaps even forgiving. (depending on how you yourself behave of course)

        Yeah, a lot of those views are likely stylized. But that’s kinda what I’m getting at. Where does the idea lurk that eventually bears fruit? What is its source and sources, and what sort of foundries has it encountered along the way in order to become what it is. Is it possible that there is a lingering resonance from thoughts that sometimes see the ship safely to shore? (so to speak)

        ^The Highwaymen – Highwayman (W. Nelson, K. Kristofferson, W. Jennings, J. Cash)^

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        1. Cade, looking at your comment and Clicky’s reply, I should mention that a new Speaker of the House of Commons was elected today. Sir Lindsay Hoyle, MP for Chorley, has taken over the Chaise (lounge) from the dickhead, John Bercow(per) ;P

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          1. Been chewing on Clicky’s pic of the schooling fish for a while now, and I realized this morning that several years ago, I was pondering “the scariest place(s) to be in all of existence”.

            Had been unraveled forwards atom by atom, threaded through a star, then reassembled atom by atom on the other side. (pretty fucking scary)
            Did the same thing except backwards and forwards at the same time in a loop that never stopped. (horrifyingly scary)
            Had been stuck in several different times at the same time, and was conscious of all those times and the goings on in each. (again, pretty fucking scary)
            Stuck in a single time where time was slowing, and each second that passed was exponentially longer than the previous. (really goddamn scary)
            Was stuck in a time where it took eons to cover extremely short distances. (scary and boring as fuck, but on the up side, lots of time to think and ponder)
            But honestly, one of the scariest was scuba diving in the ocean, and being caught in the big goddamn middle of schooling tuna that were chasing prey. It was akin to standing in the middle of a race track during a race, but you never knew where the “cars” were coming from because the visibility in the ocean was as such that you couldn’t see far, and there was a seemingly endless amount of cars in the race. Deep blue to black, then suddenly, you’re face to face with a 500 lb tuna doing 50 mph or better. You yourself can do nothing, and you are completely dependent upon that tuna, their ability to identify you as being/not being prey + their ability to see/identify you as a something to be avoided + their ability to navigate around you prior to impact. They gotta do all that in very short order too. Your best bet is to just stay put, stay still, wait for them to pass, and hope your O2 doesn’t run out. Be a beacon. An oddball in the scrum. Something that doesn’t belong there. Don’t hide it, and don’t try and blend in with one side or the other. You’ve got your own agenda, and whatever you do, don’t run. (that’s the conclusion I came to anyway)

            Relating in the here and now, doesn’t matter if there’s 10 or 10,000,000 tuna in that school, it’s still just one school. One me, one them. I’ll likely only come face to face with but a small fraction of that school, so the odds of me surviving the storm is actually pretty good. That’s kind how I see “syncs”. Loads of pieces and parts that make up the whole, and me personally trying to grab and/or experience the ultimately relate every single piece doesn’t change the fact that I’m already well aware of the whole and its wholes. I guess maybe we as individuals have to best decide on how to proceed in a given situation. Like when you first mentioned “Hoyle”, first thing that popped into my head was “cards”, then “house”, then “house of cards”. I personally don’t like making light of people’s names, but then came “crayons”, but that’s a personal thing that will only make sense to me and two other people on the entire planet. Roller skates, skating rink, and standing your gound are now in there too, and the further I go, the more “synchy” things get. Loops through Washington Navy Yard, Viva Hate, Andrews Air Force Base, CIA, Sterling, unexpected phone calls, high school reunions, my now ex-wife, many distant somethings that I don’t yet know exist, it goes on and on. The more I think, the more I remember. Like a storm where I keep getting clunked in the head by flying pots and pans and all kinds of crazy shit. 😉

            I’m not “convinced” of anything really, but I am pretty sure that there are, “regulating streams that enforce referential integrity within existence”…if that makes any sense. Navigational aids that are so goddamn complex that they make almost no sense whatsoever, but their timing is both impeccable and absolute in their precision. Whether they actually are or are not present is…subjective. I think that’s kinda the point tho. Or at least, “a” point.

            I guess it’s just a matter of determining the type of diving you wish to do, then ensuring that you are properly equipped and prepared for diving of that type. Doesn’t make the chance encounters any less striking nor disturbing,

            ^I Don’t Mind If You Forget Me (2011 Remaster)^

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            1. That video is unavailable unfortunately. Did you see that Morrissey was trending on Twitter this weekend?

              So many former fans puking all over twitter was a sight to behold 😉

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                1. I’m sure Leggy won’t mind, but I’m gonna post you the first bit of Gastradamus’ About the Author from UA9:

                  ‘I started writing a few years ago. My blog began with touchy subjects mixed with humor to gain attention. Some said my writing was inappropriate. Another word for that is gassy, hence the name Gastradamus. My slogan became ‘Gastradamus is my name and gassy topics are my game’.’

                  His anthology of short stories is coming out soon. Leggy’s working on the cover 😀

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