Last Minute Shambles…

Welcome, Dear Reader, to Easter at the LoL…

*I love that Song, Clicky… /lights up… That whole album is just superb…*

Today is the 22nd of April…

*”Spring tales’ and ‘A Coelacanth in the Bathroom’… /drags…*

…but in another universe, the 22nd April is also…

‘In 2375, Ancestors’ Eve is celebrated aboard Voyager. (VOY: 11:59“‘)

*That’s STtNG, Clicky, knot Voyager… /streams smoke… Oh, I see ‘the world’s biggest ball of string’ is referenced in that episode. Stings and strings, interesting. Cade and I remote viewed a doc on box jellyfish last night… /smokes…*

Cade and Roob and Box Jellyfish 1Cade and Roob and Box Jellyfish 2

’11:59′ cropped up on Saturday evening during a remote viewing binge of the Doctor Robert Langdon trilogy with Cade…

Cade and Roobs Dan Brown night 1

*Jesus those movies were frantic and loud… /taps ash… I don’t remember treasure hunts being anything like that in the Girls Brigade, Clicky…*

*Fucking ‘Saviours’, Clicky…*

*It’s all a con… /coughs…*

We hope you’ve enjoyed the time you’ve spent with us at the LoL this we kenned, Dear Reader 😀 Happy Easter and have a Song…

11 thoughts on “Last Minute Shambles…

  1. British film critic Mark Kermode gave the film a negative review, calling it, “intergalactically stupid”.

    Would something “intergalactically stupid” be anything like a stellar wind? Or perhaps something intergalactically stupid might generate a stellar wind? A something associated with a stellar wind? What is a stellar wind anyway? Is that like the aggregate of solar wind(s) in a particular system? If so, would the wind(s) need to be traveling in a certain direction in order to be classified as “stellar wind”? Perhaps there is an anti-stellar wind? Stellar anti-wind? Beano? Gas-X?
    /me shrugs

    I dunno….maybe a vacuum isn’t just/only the absence of air.

    Something is going to replace that wind and whatever that wind took with it.

    Just has me to thinking about the cumulative effects of collective matter/collective energy, or even collective vacancies. Especially in as it pertains to the numeracy of a system; unary, binary, tertiary, quaternary, etc..

    Trepanation is thought to remove one thing in order to make room for another. In the case of medicine with respect to head injuries/head trauma, the monitoring of pressure in the head via a hole in the head has been shown to reduce the likelihood of brain damage. But trepanation is only sure to leave a bloody mess. I mean, does phrenology play a role here? Do the concepts expressed in reflexology have any effect on phrenological dynamics? Does anyone with a brain injury potentially stand to gain enlightenment if the folks in the trauma unit drill a hole in your head? Ir does that depend entirely upon any predispositions to being able to accomodate or handle such a thing.

    ^Nine Inch Nails – Ghosts III – 20^

    Just thinking about data exchange in/of/through systems. Stellar, interstellar, intersocial, intespiritual or what-the-fuck-ever type of defined system or infrastructure exists to accommodate this/these exhange(s).. That bit where Langdon was in the well really got me to thinking about…subsidy. (of all damn things) The Dead Zone, Deadpool, The Frighteners, and tons of other flicks explore the concept(s) of subsidy and/or grants via trauma or some kind of traumatic stimulus. By that logic, I guess the movies Margin Call and Glengarry Glen Ross also explore these concepts.

    Pana –

    Is the existence of a wall stimuli on another dynamic to breach this wall? Or is that type of thinking too binary? I mean, has anyone ever moved the hand of that doomsday clock to midnight, then just sat back and watched what happens? I’d think that, technically, “The Doomsday Clock” can never reach midnight. You can muse Doomsday’s coming, but you can never say “it’s here” then kick back with the popcorn and watch it happen. Not with the current system anyway.

    I almost stepped on a snail when taking the trash out this morning.

    Disaster averted.

    ^How To Destroy Angels – Ice age (Video)^

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    1. I think “intergalactically stupid” has no meaning and Mr. Kermode is making false claims about knowing what would be stupid in an intergalactic setting!

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      1. Indeed…

        The Extinction Rebellion protest started on 15th April. Did read the plot synopsis of the Star Trek Voyager episode, ’11:59′? Clock how many Paris mentions?



      1. Yeah. Vanishing point. Or vanishing points. Like that second Universe of mine where nothing is applicable. Connected to “Everything Is Governed” and “Anything Is Possible”, there are certain times when things are “beyond the grasp”…so to speak. They were, they are, but they cannot be. (if that makes sense)

        I just edited my new latest blog post. Have a peek at the very bottom if you want.

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          1. Yeah something like that. I used black dot(s), yours uses white. The color of the points really don’t matter. (Well, they do, but yeah, from the standpoint of a base of understanding, no they don’t) Their transparent nature. Aggregates that create a something that is simultaneously something/nothing. (Depending on the time)

            I guess that first movie Da Vinci Code got me to thinking about some writing I did sometime back on the nature of The Grail from a particle physics/energetic standpoint. Having to create something atom by atom. Specifically, a something that you know 14.7 billion years from now is eventually going to wind up being a molecule of vinegar in some random-assed cup that some soldier is going to dip a sponge into on some random day when a bunch of people in the area have their dander up. I used a different example in my thoughts, but the concept is the same. The concept of looking at time and times through different eyes. Seeing all that ever was, all that is, and all that will ever be, all at the same time AND, at different times. Saw it before it happened, saw it as it happened, will always see it. I dunno…maybe that’s why the Bible speaks of God turning his back on his son? Didn’t want to see it as it actually happened?

            “I want to know God’s thoughts, the rest are details.”A.E.
            That’ll teach me to read Einstein eh? 😛

            ^deadmau5 / Vanishing Point [full version]^

            I dunno the practicality of a lot of the nonsense that flows through my head. Plus, some of it makes sense, some makes no sense at all. And that changes as time rolls on.
            /me shrugs

            But with respect to Vesica Pices or Metatron’s Cube or whatever system you prefer….imagine designing a system that is so perfect, that no matter what you tasked with your subordinates to design in order to augment this system, that they could not fail.

            EX: if Issac Newton had come up with the idea of fractals as we know them today instead of Benoit Mandelbrot, whatever Mandelbrot may have come up with would have still been just as valid.

            We are for the most part talking about describing existing things afterall. And if things had shaken out differently, perhaps something like that may have happened. As it is tho, we are where we are. Practicality is…quite popular.

            Meh. I’ll shutup. 🙂

            ^Deadmau5 – Fifths || HD^

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