Missive From ‘Merica: Wish You Were Here!

I am on hols this week, Dear Reader…

I’ll be visiting my favourite getaway…

*/shuffles buttocks more comfortably into library sofa…*

… And read the latest missive from The Okie Devil…


Gonna start this off a little different than usual

…assuming that’s ok with you shitheads.

Let’s just assume that it is or is not OK with you, and we’ll jump on Job.

Yeah…that one

…let’s jump right on his ass, and ride him for all he’s worth.


Job 1

The “New Living Translation” is actually a really good read if you’ve never tried it. Maybe give some of it a whirl, then go back to your favorite flavor and re-read whatever you just read from the New Living version. I personally like to read side-by-side of different translations…really makes me think about what is being said.

Not that I ever actually “think” or anything.

Or at least, I think I don’t.

I mean…

I think I do don’t think…

if that makes any sense.

^Laid Back – White Horse (Extended Mix) 1983^

White horse…hmmm…white horse….hmmm…I’ve heard that somewhere.

^Armageddon Requests before they leave^


NOTE TO/FOR YOU ROOB: You prolly want to link this picture because it is huge…3362×2241

I dunno how your blog software works, so the decision how to handle this I leave to you, just wanted to give you a heads up, that I had no intention of this pic being “displayed as normal” since it is so large. Just…a very cool image and I wanted to share.


*/scratches head… I dunno, Clicky. Can we manage huge?*

*/rolls eyes…*


Lotta motion in that pic

Motion for all of the materials to come together in their original forms.

Motion for all of the materials to come together to form the location itself.

Motion for all of the people to come together and actually see these result.

Motion for all of the people to come together and start thinking, planning and plotting.

Motion for all of the reason and reasons to come together and how to proceed.

Motion for all of the people to come together to build the foundation and structure.

Motion for all of the materials to come together in their pre-final fabrication forms.

Motion for all of the materials to come together in the final-ish form that we see in the photo.

Motion for all of the people to come together and actually see the result.


a mirror would prolly be an interesting addition, so that we can ask ourselves a question…

Q: Am I important?

A: Yep. I think so anyway.

But I’m an egotistical asshole.

/me shrugs

^David Bowie – Dead Man Walking^

So yeah…Job. Lotta discussion about Job when I was younger and actually attended church. I later got kicked out of church, so…end of discussion.

But yeah, I was thinking about Job a bit tonight because I was always taught that this, whatever it was, was simply a test of Job’s character. To prove something. I’m sure that it is/was, but there was always these discussions as to “what it actually meant”…this story of Job.

Welp, if I had to sum up what it means to me personally, the story of Job means many things. But what I got to thinking about tonight? Wheeew! It spun my head a bit.

^Rick James – Give It To Me Baby 12 Inch^

So to get right to it…

Q: What do we leave this world with?

A: !!!

According to local legend: we leave this world with nothing…just like we came in. So this got me to thinking a bit about the concept of “the individual”…what that means…and to whom.

EX: I’ve always told my children, that they belong to themselves, and not to me. Yes, you are my child, I am your father, I am not Darth Vader…I digress.

So…Job is well-to-do, loaded with perfect, intelligent, good-looking kids, has a hot wife, a mansion in The Hamptons, owns a successful and thriving business…and suddenly…


It’s all gone, because Satan was having a bad day or something and needed someone extra-special to kick on. No rhyme, no reason, just plain ol’ meanness because that’s how Satan rolls.

If Satan and God had NOT agreed to allow this…whatever…to transpire…

Q: Would Job have lived happily ever after?

A: ...

Yeah…no answer to go there really, because we really don’t know since that’s not what happened. But what I am thinking about here is…erm…multi-tasking. Multi-purpose, multi-meaning, lasting.

^Frankie Smith – Double Dutch Bus^

Can you IMAGINE… what it would be like, to be God/a god…and have to retire one of your parables because it was no longer relevant or pertinent to a single living thing in the entirety of existence? I mean yeah, they prolly keep a copy of the original manuscript for sentimental reasons…but as far as actively teaching and/or being publicly available? NOPE!!! It’s been pulled. Pulled from circulation. It’s relevancy has become irrelevant.


That would be a toughie.

In my mind it would be anyway.

^Stereo MC s – Connected (Video Clip)^

Job was gonna lose all of his shit at some point. His friends were busy trying to encourage Job to figure out what he had done to piss God off so bad, repent of it, and all would be well. Sounds like modern day mainstream therapy techniques…get it all out, and all will be right with the world.

If I am the cause of all of my ills, and the world is a shit sandwich as a result, and you occupy the same world I do…I think we may have hit a speed bump or wall there. Does it matter how we lose our shit? Or is it the motherfucker(s) that wanna take it and why? I mean, how did you get all that shit in the first place? Where did it come from?

^Club Nouveau – Rumors^

BTW, it’s currently 04:09 in the morning on Saturday August 19th, and I’ve been doing some pondering this evening/this morning so I’m a tad chatty. Went and read some beeswax over at Bolton’s Smokers’ Club, and THAT got my head all kinds of twisted. Not that I had some conversation via Twitter today or anything…but it’s good to talk and think and talk some more. Especially when the conversation is all over the fucking place. It’s still about the conversation and having someone to talk to no matter what you are talking about.

^Rob Base and DJ E Z Rock- Joy and Pain (1988) ***R.I.P. DJ E Z Rock***^
This sentence is here for no particular reason. Just thought you should know.
^Grandmaster Melle Mel – Step Off [Official Video HD]^

Can you imagine what it would be like to be in a commercial aircraft when one of the engines suddenly decided to come off? More than that, can you imagine what a dangling engine would do to the aircraft if considerations were not made to accommodate and even facilitate engine separation under certain circumstances?

Let’s use our imagination.

^Aircraft Store Separation Incidents^

That book called 1984 has been kinda popular as of late for quotes and bits of pertinent wisdom. But as far as I know, 1984 has always been popular, so why this upsurge in 1984 all of a sudden like?

Welp…maybe it’s not real sudden. Maybe you are just paying attention to different things. Maybe your lair of tranquility has been infiltrated by subversive interlopers bent on poisoning your mind, and you REALLY need to formulate a plan as to how to rid yourself and the world of this den of snakes. There will always be bias…can’t escape it. I mean, yeah…you can, but it takes a lot of work to do so.

To escape bias, you’ll have to do the hardest work there is…nothing. Doing nothing is damn near impossible in most instances. Were it not so, mediation would prolly be done a lot more. But that gets me to thinking about Winston, the main character in 1984.

Footnote: My dad smoke Winston cigarettes.
^The O’Jays – For The Love of Money (Audio)^


Let’s compare some musics here real quick like.

^afrika bambaataa- looking for the perfect beat^
^Fireball XL5 Full Theme Song With Lyrics^

“In their time”…they would be considered groundbreaking and definitive. But looking backwards, both are pretty sloppy and kinda thrown together sounding.

Lotta tinkering and stumbling around, that are in various states of polished sound. Yeah, the both have hooks…but both are also kinda devoid of hooks. To me they are anyway. The both rely heavily on “getting there”…which is to say, the objective of the song itself seems to be getting through and to the end.

They both rely heavily on some base musical structures to get where they are going since there is not much in the way of definitive hooks, so they rely on refrains, bridges and breaks. Kinda blocky. Almost like building a wall or foundation. But that’s kinda what it’s like to be stumbling around with music. You take what you know and mix it with what you don’t know…all thanks to others…and run with it from there.

^Din Daa Daa (Original 12″ Version) – George Kranz^


Are you thinking about the concept of how new you are? How unique you are?

Welp, you are. Just keep in mind how you got that way. That may help you with staying that way. Or you could rage at the concept of your duality, rip your skin off as you roar to The Universe, and go beat the living fuck out of complete strangers to show them who’s boss. Sounds like a solid plan. Should work out well. For you anyway.

For a while.
^Space age arrives: American Newsreel (1957) – english^

Just thinking that even if you are saying the same thing over and over again? You are still pumping data into someone’s head. Or is that really where it goes? Just because it seems to go in through the head, doesn’t mean that it stays there….but I digress.

Do whatever in the fuck you want…I can’t stop you nor is it my job to do so.

^TALK TALK – It’s My Life (HQ 12″ Vinyl Version Sound,HD,Lyrics)^


It’s now Sunday afternoon @ 12:27. I stopped writing…because…because…I did.

I watched a bit of an episode of some show called “Pointless” last night.

Somehow, this show has appeared in my personal reticle.

Not that anyone will know the importance of a single word in the previous sentence, but it’s there.

The show is only on in The UK, so I’ll prolly never watch it again.

^Tone loc – funky cold medina^


I had some more thoughts on Job and Winston, but I guess I’ll need to stew on them for a bit longer because nothing is coming to mind. Nothing specific anyway. Which is weird because I’ve had some very specific thoughts about both Job and Winston, as well as the books these characters originated from, but I can’t remember what they are right now. I can feel them flying around up in there…or…wherever they are…but nothing is coming to mind currently.

I have been thinking about jealousy, conceit, deceit and coveting a lot lately. Well, the concepts of these premises anyway. Not like “in practice” or practical applications or whatever. But is it what we talk/think about that is important? Or that we are talking/thinking? Or both/all. I kinda prefer that last option, but then again, I’m greedy like that.

^David Bowie – The Heart’s Filthy Lesson : SE7EN Monster Montage^

cYa | cFa

^Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place^


*Ain’t he, Clicky! 😀 …Do you know that Song is 25 years old today?*

*/nods sagely… Time flies…*

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