Tasting, Testing, One, Two… */taps mic…*


Whilst twittering with Hugo, he sent me a link to a story written by a Clemmie, about a dead girl called Ruth Turner, who talks to her celeb sibling via psychics…


‘Tis true, mediums may facilitate convos with her dear departed sis (15), but Physics warned Anthea (56) about her husband’s philandering with Zoe (27) a socialite…


Poor Anthea’s career trajectory had taken a sharp downward turn from the zenith of ‘TV Golden Girl’ after she sold out on her wedding day to a Snowflake.

The psychic story has already been updated once, and Physics remains, so it can’t possibly be a typo 😉


I received a missive from the Okie Devil that includes a famous physicist’s diagram. Had a bit trouble with Clicky… The lest said the better… But was also interested to hear Cade talk about ESP

Um…no. I am not saying that. You said that. That said, I don’t think that ESP is what most people think it is. I think that it is much more complicated, detailed and complex than simply…ESP. But then again, I see both the “scientific” and “religious” sides of such a concept, and I see much much more than one or the other.
EXAMPLE: Have you ever been outside on a nice day, irrespective of the weather type/conditions. and just been like…”HELL FUCKING YEAH!!! WHAT AN AWESOME PLANET!!!”?
To me, that is ESP as much as anything. It’s almost as if God/The gods/The Universe is asking you…
So…whadda ya think?” And then, give you a little wink…;-)
That feeling of being alive. NOT self-awareness…I’m talking about something else entirely. That feeling that NOTHING matters in this moment except the moment itself. Just you, and that moment, and all that came together over the history of histories, and over the time of times….just to make that one perfect moment for you. It’s almost as if God him or herself dropped by in that moment, just to say hi. No worries, no birth, no death, just…now.
Those moments last forever eh?
To me, that is just one form of what could be called ESP.
The Creator’s love is something that we tell ourselves we cannot understand.
But sometimes, we understand it just fine.
Fucking-A and Hells Bells and all that shit! Prayer is ESP if you ask me.
But no one is asking me.
Unless they are. 😉

*Oh yeah, Clicky, Clemmie’s short for Clementine… Someone specifically mentioned that name… /thinks… When was it, Sunday?*


*And Hugo just published his story about Nazi bunnies…*

*Well yeah, Clicky, most of the characters are rabbits… /raises hand and points… Don’t start…*

Later in the evening I posted a couple of knot-eyes over on Red Frank’s MEROVEE. Head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, and a number of Italian politicians had been hacked by a ‘high-ranking Mason‘, and the breathless ‘news’ out of CNN and Buzzfeed that Donald Trump had procured himself some showers.


Blue Frank put up a new post that featuring not only a Mason playing a high-ranking Nazi, but also a Monty


Ah the Nazis, supreme coiners of the euphemisms like ‘Passivrauchen‘ (‘Secondhand Smoke’), you just can’t beat them… Quite literally it seems, as news of the growing menace of ‘Secondhand Sugars’ was announced to the world…

Meanwhile, a roller coaster at Warn Her Bros in Oz had broken down, stranding riders…

… Just as the Trump revelations looked to be turning into a secondhand hoax..


Dear Reader, make of  this as you will but I feel in need of a Song. Doo have one…


6 thoughts on “Tasting, Testing, One, Two… */taps mic…*

  1. Let me be the first to say…

    …I have nothing to say.

    One of the greatest albums of all time…

    ^MODERN ENGLISH ~ Someone’s Calling^

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      1. Smoked sausage. Did I miss that? Ya know, that aggregate crap you buy at the store that is made with turkey, beef and pork parts. But it should be more pork sausage or smoked pork-sausage-ish, not beef. It’s kinda like summer sausage, but not really.

        Beef sausage is stupid. And gross. (blech)

        You could prolly even use smokies if ya wanted.

        I made a batch of sauerkraut and sausage recently using little smokies instead of diced smoked sausage, and it turned out pretty good.
        /me shrugs

        You can also make cornbread. Goes real well with the beans also. Sometimes, I do both. And of course, there is also white rice that is available as an additional option. These beans are great on a pile of rice. But I recommend going the white bread route for the first outing if you’ve never made them before.

        These aren’t gonna be like ranch style beans, cause I use no pepper(s) or chili powder. Nor are they like baked beans, cause no sugar and onions and bacon and the other secret ingredients I used to make my world famous baked beans.

        I guess I could give you my BBQ sauce recipe, but then I’d have to kill you. Next thing you know, you’ll want my brisket recipe. Then you’ll want my ribs recipe. Then you want to know all my grilling secrets and my grilled onion(s) or my grilled veggies and how to microwave the perfect baked potato. Next thing you know, you’ll want my chili and lasagna recipes, then you’ll want me to show you how to make the perfect chicken fried steak, or my secret homemade spaghetti sauce and home brewed meatballs. And that just ain’t gonna happen.

        And I’d rather just come visit ya’ll for a while and do all of the cooking. 😛

        ^The Prototypes – Pale Blue Dot^

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