Missive from ‘Merica: :O Our American Cousin…

Dear Reader, I’ve had a perfect Christmas Eve… */shrugs…* Well, I’ve enjoyed mine. First up Hugo, author of Cultish, has been sending me installments of a Christmas story he’s writing. It’s about bunnies…


*/coughs… Something like that, Clicky…*

Thoughtful Man, too, gave me a story to read when he came home from work. It was an impulse buy whilst refueling his taxi. Bastard! I haven’t bought him anything…


*Completely! …/facepalm… We agreed, Clicky, we wouldn’t buy each other presents… I really thought he was going to stick to it this year… Bastard!*

Finally, I received a Christmas missive (“for YOU!!!”) from The Okie Devil, Cade…


*/jaw drops… How did you know? Only one video shows up below… /looks down… He did something to it, Clicky… /squints… Fucked if I know…*



How much money did YOU spend this year?

That much eh?

Perhaps you should spend more.

May I suggest…a better paying job.


So…”what’s this all about?”…you may ask yourself.

I dunno. 

What’s it all about?

What do you want?

What do you need?

OBVIOUSLY…you have a shitload of spare time, otherwise, you wouldn’t be wasting your time reading my bullshit. I’m just drifting along on my rocket-powered jet boat…headed the wrong direction as fast as I possibly can. Against the current. With the current. Sideways-ish to the current. Whatever works.

What works for you?

I dunno what works for you. And what works for me may not work for you.
One thing is obvious tho. The more shit you can cram into your head in anticipation of what may be to come down the road? The more spare time you would appear to have to waste time on preparing for something that may never happen.

Not that I am trying to dissuade you from anything or anything.

So why would you attempt and dissuade me from anything?

Not that you are or anything.

Look at it like this. In most “developed nations”…I don’t think anyone can argue, that if public water supplies were suddenly unavailable for whatever reason(s)? Yeah. A lotta people are gonna be in deep shit real fucking fast and in short order. So what do we do? I dunno. What DO we do? I guess the better question would be…

Q: What are we doing and why?

A: ???

Are you reconciling the past with the present for the sake of the future? Or are you living in the present? Are you ARE living in the present are you? Then explain the retirement fund.

The 401K?

The “college fund”?

The life-insurance policy/policies?

Health insurance?

Do these thing bring you happiness?

Or security?

Or both?

Cause if so…what are you bitching about?

Diseases you may never contract?

Accidents you may never have?

Freshman years that may never arrive?

Lotta insurances and assurances there for people to be so goddamn glum. So let’s bring it to the day to day, and let’s use something simple…
Q: What were you prohibited from doing today?

A: Say fucking WHAT?!?!?!?

Q: Today. What were you prohibited from doing, that you wanted to do, and who prohibited you from doing it?

A: ???!!!???…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m gonna stop right…fucking…there.

If you read the article above, in the fourth paragraph of the article, second paragraph under the “Cellular Morphology” section, there is the following statement…

Saccharomyces produces ascospores, especially when grown on V-8 medium

What in the FLYING MOTHER FUCKING FUCK…is a “V-8 Medium?!?!?”

Any why “especially” should I be growing this shit on “a V-8 medium?”


I have an idea!


Learning to go fast.

It’s something that you have to learn fast.

You also have to learn how to go slow…fast!


So thinking about speed, which means we need to think about time…and when thinking about speed and time TOGETHER…that means we also need to add distance. So I’ll reference the equation Distance over Time = Speed, or D/T = S. Which of these are most important? All…DUH! Can’t have one without the other eh? Can’t have the one without the three, that makes one outta two via one. Sound confusing?

Q: What is the dropout rate in any level at any age for any school of any type in any country anywhere on this planet Earth/Terra of ours?

A: ???

While you chew on that…

Q: What would that dropout rate be if there were no schools?

A: (GIMME A FUCKING BREAK…you might be saying)


There’s all kinds of neeto stuff to learn on this planet. And we owe ALL of that to our forefathers and foremothers and other motherfuckers like that. Sorry, but I don’t like to discriminate when speaking in generalities.


But yeah…um…school and schools and schooling and stuff like that. There we some people that I grew up with, who’s relatives opened one of the first public schools in The State of Texas. That has always stuck with me, because I always wanted to be a teacher. I like teaching, I enjoy it, but I was too stupid and too poor to even think about college. I’ve always had trouble SPELLING the fucking word “college”…and never knew what the fucking difference between college and university was, other than neither concerned me, nor would they ever. But thinking about “a public school”…that sounds to me like it should be something that would have it’s doors open to anyone who wanted to attend…NOW we have to be certified and educated in educating, and treating all of the little eggs the same, because…their just stupid kids who don’t know shit from Shinola anyway.

Q: How easy is it to learn?

A: ???

Q: What if you learn “too fast” or “too easily” in comparison to the other little eggs?

A: ¿¿¿

Lemme guess…that makes you “a bad egg.”

Not that I have any experience with that sort of thing or anything.

Yeah…I got no answers either. I just know that “life sucks and then you die” or “life’s a bitch, and then you marry one” or insert whatever clever and witty whatever type of cliche that also will make absolutely zero sense to me personally. I’m pretty big on examining both points at each end and all points inbetween. But words like “inbetween” kinda say it all for me. Cause that’s where it all appears to be. It’s all in there. Not that I’m a middleman or anything. I did make a pretty nasty bet with God once.

I wonder if I’ll lose that bet.

Wanna bet?

Receptor Antagonist
Calcium Channel Blocker
Spin (Aerodynamics)
Busy Waiting (Redirected from Busy spin)
Real-Time Clock
Spin (Physics)
Spin Tensor
State (Redirected from States)
Oxygen Fluoride
Metal Spinning
Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor
Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor
Electronic Cigarette
Mineral Wells, Texas
Mineral Spring
Hot Springs, Arkansas
Crazy Water
Methane Clathrate
Methane Clathrate-Hydrates in Natural Gas Processing

As we can see…”Natural Gas”…is natural. It says so right fucking there in the name. And anything that is natural? Is fair game. First come, first serve. The rest of you…welp…sorry!

Better luck next time!

Mystery = Solved! Next!


Yeah…I took Lithium once. Twice even. It takes a while of taking it to “build-up” to a certain level in your bloodstream…a few days or so, and then, you have to go get your blood drawn every fucking week to check the levels and make sure that they are at or between certain levels, and not above those certain levels or A certain level…cause it can and will kill you. Not that I have any experience with that sort of thing. But I DO know, that the “extended release” lithium that my doctor gave me for a while? Not so good. I’m thinking that there is a connection there with respect to someone that may have bowel and or digestive tract type(s) of issue(s)…like me. Not that I have any issues or anything. Nothing major anyway. So they tell me. My body says otherwise. But what the fuck does my body know?

My point?

Hmmm….didn’t know I had one. But I do wonder about change and changes over time and over times sometimes.

Just sayin.

I dunno where you are, nor do I know where I am. But I do know that it is currently 13:35 or 01:35 PM in the afternoon of Christmas Eve here in the North Texas area near Dallas where my fat ass is currently parked on one hard assed cement floor that is painted shit brown, meaning the date is 2016.12.24. Whatshername is gonna make homemade pizzas tonight, and they are planning on watching Christmas movies and playing that goofy assed dice game called Tensies or Tenzies or whatever it’s called. I’m here for another day or so, then back to elsewhere. All that to say, I have no idea who you are, or where you are, or when you are reading this. I only know where I am and when I am writing this shit where I am…or something.

Wherever you are…

Merry Christmas.

X: You gonna leave me out?
Cade: I’d never do that. You?
X: What?
0: He wants to know if you are gonna leave him out.
X: Oh.
Cade: lol…thanks…I needed that.
X: 😉
Cade: ❤



*/squints upwards… Yeah, he’s definitely done something to the text, Clicky…*

*… See! It works fine now… /holds up hands… Why are you looking at me like that? Clicky? What are you doing? …/steps back… Gerroff, you filthy beast… /taps snout…*

Merry Christmas, Dear Reader. Enjoy!

*Go on, off with you! Bed… No, knot mine… /sigh…*


Update: It’s the afternoon of Saturday 4th February and I’ve not got anything particular to do now that Thoughtful Man has left for work. Boys are busy doing their thang and Popstar is curled up asleep beside me in my roomy Library chair, dreaming doggy dreams.

So I juzzied up my formatting of the text above.

Just like a dog…

Cade’s missives aren’t just for Christmas 😉


8 thoughts on “Missive from ‘Merica: :O Our American Cousin…

  1. Have runt off awl uv yor readerz yet?
    If knot, I can keep tying.

    So yeah…guess what? Remember those nasty thunderstorms and associated tornadoes that we had last year around these here parts? December 26th, 2015…that is.

    Welp…even tho today is December 25th…the weather is JUST fucking like it was on the 26th last year. It’s warm, super-humid, lotta low and high clouds/moisture moving here, there and everyfuckingwhere. And…yes…they are predicting thunderstorms for later today/tonight.

    I remember that night last year. Had my head hanging out the window about the time that tornado was tearing ass across the ground just a coupla miles to the east of me. Lightning like a motherfucker, nasty clouds everyfucking where…not a breath of wind…no thunder…and no sound whatsoever…save for the tornado sirens blaring in all directions both near and far.

    It was 13°F this time last week.
    It is 70°F right now, and it’s only 09:48 in the morning.
    Should be an interesting day/night.

    I’ll keep you posted if I die or anything.

    Thanks for encouraging me to continue to write. I prolly give out some great giggles to the smart motherfuckers amongst us. I really liked the way you formatted the shit, justifying back and forth. Is there a hidden message there or something. Cause thinking about it now? It’s not real “covert”…as it were. That’s just my opinion tho.

    And thanks for linking my bullshit on your Twitter and wherever else and shit like that. I checked my stats on the blog, and I had a visitor from The UAE and Israel today! Also had one from The Philippines yesterday. Cool. I wonder who that was/who they are? Sorry, but I like thinking about shiznit like that. I’m weird.

    I got a new pair of shoes for Christmas.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ‘Is there a hidden message there or something?’

      I had a torrid time trying to format your missive last night – none of the YT video would show and all the wiki links appeared, and I thought to myself ‘He’s done summink to this so it looks more like his Sync Miss stuff.’

      I have little computery knowledge and don’t know if this is indeed possible or not, but if it is, then you’d be the one to do it. Changing the flow of the text on the page was pure bloody-minded defiance on my part. But then when I looked at it again, it looked okay, and kinda fitted with what you were saying, so I left it.

      Glad you like it 😀


      1. >>>>New shoes? Same as before? Description, please…
        Same ol. Cept new. Black Converse HiTops. I need to get me some new shoe strings for them prolly. Now I’ll have two old backup pairs instead of one. 🙂

        I’ve been writing the stuff in Windows Wordpad, and spell checking it using Blogger/my browser/Chrome, since Wordpad does not have spellcheck. Not that I haven’t missed a ton of shit, because the browser’s spell check shows links as being misspelled words, and I use a shitload of slang of all kinds which of course shows as misspelled as well. That means I miss some of the embedded stuff like forum/bbCode, and I don’t have a way to preview what I am now writing, so I’ve been trying to keep the formatting to a minimum. Bold, italics, color, size, and shit like that. Not that I used a bunch of that over there either, but when I use it, it’s because I need it. Or at least, I think I do. It seems to emphasize, as designed, and kinda breaks up the monotony.

        I guess I need to break down and go look around, see what kind of freeware text editors are out there these days. Maybe that would help. Assuming the same is/would be available where you are. Gotta remember I’m using some old computer with Windows Vista, and Vista isn’t supported by Microsoft anymore. Weird eh? Software that still works, and technically, should work forever, and yet, the company doesn’t support it anymore because of the cost(s) involved with supporting it.

        Maybe if the made operating systems that were a little more modular, and not so goddamn bulky. OH wait…they already tried that…and no one made any money on it. 😉

        ^(Best Footage) Impressive Meteor shockwave and explosions – Meteorite in Russia^

        Maybe car alarms is the business to go into. You can connect them directly to the operating system in the car, and the car alarm can indicate when meteors/meteorites are entering the Earth’s/Terra’s atmosphere, or some other natural disaster is happening on a wide scale based on how many car alarms are going off in a widespread area all at the same time. You can then uplink that data to a central computer that can collate the data with seismometer data for scientific purposes and/or insurance/economic purposes Close down the insurance company/suddenly go bankrupt/become insolvent before the claims start to roll in.

        You could prolly maybe even re-route that data elsewhere “on the down-low/on the sly” and/or maybe even intercept that data before it gets to where it was supposed to go. Of course, you then have to decide what you are going to do to that data. Meaning, are you going to “intercept it passively” or are you going to “intervene” and “scrub” or manipulate that data? Because the thing is? Once something is “connected” to a system like that? You don’t even have to wait for the car alarm to sound. You just…take what you want, when you want, however you want. Not that I have any sort of experience with those types of things or anything.

        My mind can swim in those channels. I just prefer to stay out. Makes me feel…dirty. That kind of dirty that just don’t wash off. Blech!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Secondary backup, eh? Watch out, you’ll start to go all Star Trek…

          *Really? O’Brien? …/ponders… Star Wars?*

          *Yeah… /nods sagely…*


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