Raiders of the Lost Art

John Ward wrote an excellent article at The Slog today

‘The ineffectiveness of Raid ‘ONE-SHOT’ against house flies looks like the result of two things: alarmist medical research about fly sprays; and a less than honest marketing policy by SC Johnson, the producers of the brand. The Slog investigates, and concludes we may have proliferated the house fly population by the use of a spectacular own-goal.’

John Ward speaks

Oh Clicky, my comment is still in moderation from earlier this morning…

roobee replies to john

‘Because, John, because smoking kills everyone; everybody knows that! So why look for anything else?

Here’s a complete nut on the subject of tobacco smoke…

Tobacco bans and it’s ever so useful Template, utilised to eliminate the practice of smoking tobacco throughout in the world. was, IMHO, the thin end of the wedge…

Welcome to the thick end…

“But… but… but…”

Nice choice of pix, Click, here have a Song…

I’ve asked for it to be released; I have no idea why it’s still trapped in moderation, Clicky…

Hardly, Click and, to be honest, I thought an indie would be better than that… 

Well, quite! 

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