Room x37 – Spotting Syncs 101: A Pointless Exercise Part 4.2 – Kobayashi Maroon

Previously on ‘A Pointless Exercise’…

*Very funny, Clicky… Knot! Can we get on with it? I’ve only got until tomorrow evening before the episode disappears from iplayer.*

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AA: Okay, here’s comes your third question. Now Jamie and Alex, you get to answer it first but Solomon and Ruth, once again you have to win it to stay in the game. So, best of luck. It concerns…

Zoo Animals

OZ: We’re gonna show you the names of 5 zoo animals now but, er… I wish we hadn’t done this now… we’ve put them in anagram form.  Can you unscramble them and give us the most obscure answer please…

OZ Pole Ease
Clicky for… *Er, Clicky, that looks shit…*

OZ: …and when I say ‘please’, I mean poleeze…

RxB: You got the controller? It’s anagrams, pause it.

SEB: Way ahead of you.

AA: Thanks, Richard. So let’s reveal our 5 anagrams and here they come…


Nags a ram
*Seriously, Clicky, what the fuck…?*

RxB: The top one is rhino,  rhinoceros…

SEB: Meerkat!

RxB: …the next one down is alligator.

SEB: Meerkat and the one in the middle is chimpanzee. Don’t know the bottom one.

RxB: A lean poet..?

SEB: Antelope? How do you spell antelope?

RxB: A, n, t, e… Yeah, ‘antelope’. We shit that board, aced it! Press play.

SEB: Five stars!

RxB: What do you reckon we should go with, alligator or antelope?

SEB: Which one’s alligator?

RxB: Alligator it is.

AA: We’ve got ‘On Rich Rose’, ‘A Trial Log’, ‘Impeach Zen’, ‘Ark Meet’, ‘Lean Poet. I shall read those again, ‘On Rich Rose’, ‘A Trial Log’, ‘Impeach Zen’, ‘Ark Meet’, ‘Lean Poet. So, Jamie and Alex, you go first.

Spelling so bad
*Clicky, I cunt use that… or can I?*

JAMIE: My spelling is so bad…

ALEX: (whispers) Alligator is the second one.

JAMIE: You’re sure it is?

ALEX: I think so, yeah…

JAMIE: I don’t know how to spell!

ALEX: Should we go with the second one?

JAMIE: Is that how you spell it though?

ALEX: I think so.

JAMIE: You’re how sure?

ALEX: Er, 90%.

JAMIE: Okay for 90% I’ll take… if you’re wrong, I’ll be furious. Um, number 2 we think is alligator.

RxB: They’ve gone for our one. Come on Ruth, antelope. It’s the only one that might beat it.

SEB: Have a shot and pass me that packet of fags.

AA: Okay. Jamie and Alex are saying ‘Alligator’ for ‘A Trial Log’. Now then, er, Solomon and Ruth. The board is all yours, talk us through it.

RUTH: Okay, the second one up is meerkat.

SOLOMON: Ah yeah… I kinda think ‘ark meet’ is a real animal anyway.

pause print
Clicky for red paws

RxB: Fuck! They’re gonna go for meerkat. Bollocks!

RUTH: Yeah, let’s… shall we go *claps* we’ll go for meerkat.

RxB: That’s it! They’re out…

SEB: Ruth. You’re fired!

RxB: Piss off! Redundant, thank you.

Clicky for Kobayashi Maroon

SOLOMON: Mer… meerkat.

AA: Okay, you’re gonna go for ‘meerkat’. So we’ve got ‘alligator’, we’ve got ‘meerkat’. Jamie and Alex said ‘alligator’, let’s see if that’s right, let’s see how many people said ‘alligator’.

Clicky for confused

AA: 16!

JAMIE: That’s not us… oh it is us… Come On!


Come On
Clicky for sumthing

ALEX: I wondered why you weren’t celebrating.

AA: Okay, Solomon and Ruth have gone for ‘meerkat’ for ‘ark meet’. Let’s see if that’s right and if it is, how many people said that. It’s right. Oi! Look at that 83!

RxB: Fuck me, that’s high!

SEB: Ooh. Did she win the apprentice?

RxB: Na. She got beat in the final to someone who outsourced telecoms to India.

SEB: Oh yeah? How did she get on?

RxB: Dunno. Got pregnant before she she started, I think.

RUTH: That’s life!

Clicky for GG!

AA: Very well done. After 3 questions we’ve finally got there. Jamie and Alex, you go through to the final 2 nil.

OZ: Er, yes, it’s the best answer on the board as well, gents. Very well played.

Bored Reveal
Clicky by the numbers

OZ: Um, the top one is ‘rhinoceros’, would have scored you 26. The middle one, chimpanzee, would have scored you 38. And at the bottom…

AA: Antelope.

OZ: ‘Antelope’ and that would have scored you 19. So, yeah, ‘alligator’, best answer up there.

RxB: I knew it! Now I can play for the Jackpot Round.

SEB: You can anyway.

RxB: Yeah, I know but… it doesn’t matter. Shot?

SEB: Yeah. Go and get a fresh can of Bull from the fridge, this one’s dead. 

AA: There we are. So, the pair laving us at the end of the Head 2 Head round… and I’m sorry, Solomon and Ruth, it is you. You made it this far. Listen, it been such an experience having you on the show. Er, please come back and do it again.

RUTH: Yeah… never, never.

AA: Thanks very much for playing. Solomon and Ruth!

RUTH: Thank you.

Click for Solomon wave

AA: But for Jamie and Alex it’s time for our Pointless Final.


Yikes! Only the Jackpot Round left, when all will be revealed… Have a Song 😉



Room x37 – Spotting Syncs 101: A Pointless Exercise Part 4.1 – Under Pressure

This is exciting for a Pointless exercise in physics, innit?

The Made in Chelsea Boys are up 1 nil in the Head 2 Head by picking La Cotton for their answer. Neither The Apprentice team (on screen Ruth) nor the home team, Team Bonner (The Invisibles) could beat that answer.

Couldn’t rely on, let’s face it, Apprentice losers to get a Ruth to the final and a chance at the jackpot… I was gonna have to pull my finger out…

Click Armour
Click for Song. H/t A Void on Merovee for posting it

On with the show…


AA: Thanks very much. Okay, well here’s comes your second question. Solomon and Ruth, you get to answer this one first, but you have to win it to stay in the game. The second question concerns…

Eurovision Winners

AA: Eurovision winners. Richard?

OZ: We’re now going to play you, er, a little extract from 5 Eurovision Song Contest winning songs. We need you to tell us the name of the country that released, er, these 5 songs, please.

AA: Okay. So, let’s play our five excerpts. Here is the first excerpt, we have A.

Reaction to A
Click to Hear Song A

SEB: That’s Dana. Ireland.

RxB: Yep.

AA: Here’s B.

Reaction to B
Click to Hear Song B

(SEB and RxB look at each other and pull ‘I don’t know faces’.)

AA: C.

Reaction to C
Click to Hear Song C

RxB: No fucking clue.

SEB: Me either.

AA: Here’s D.

RxB & SEB: Sweden.

Reaction to D
Click to Hear Song D

AA: And here, er, is E.

Reaction to E
Click to Hear Song E

SEB: That’s Lordi. Norway.

RxB: No, Finland. They’re Finnish; everyone makes that mistake.

SEB: Oooo… 

RxB: Shut up! I’m going E, Finland.

AA: There we go, five excerpts from Eurovision winners. Solomon and Ruth what are you going to go for?

RUTH: Erm, ohh, no…

SOLOMON: Alright, let’s…

RUTH: I know the last one, I can actually hear…

SOLOMON: Shall we flip a coin?

RUTH: No. I can actually hear the last song because it’s a mad video, so I can see it in my head.

SOLOMON: I think you’ve got a gut feeling on this one.

RUTH: Right, I’m gonna punt it. I’m gonna go E and I’m gonna go Norway…

RxB: Noo! It’s fucking Finland *sigh*

AA: E, Norway says Solomon and Ruth. E, Norway. Now, Jamie and Alex talk us through the rest of the board.

JAMIE: Ha hum…


JAMIE: Do you wanna begin?

ALEX: We were trying to sort of pick out languages and I believe B was sung in French.

JAMIE: Ya, so we’re thinking…

ALEX: Um, but other than that it was all English, I think.

JAMIE: Then you, though, you thought E was… He went E, it’s Scandinavian…

ALEX: Scandinavian… Swedish maybe…

JAMIE: I think we’ll do B then, so we’ll go B, French.

AA: You’re gonna say B, France. So we have E – Norway, B – France. Solomon and Ruth said E, Norway. Let’s see if that’s right, let’s see how many of our 100 people said ‘Norway’.

E Norway
Click for RxB Reaction

AA: Nooo… Er, Jamie and Alex said ‘B, France’, so let’s see if that’s right, let’s see how many people said it. It only has to be right for you to win the point.

jamie and alex are wrong
Click for RxB Reaction

AA: Noo… both wrong. Er, which means after 2 questions, Jamie and Alex you’re still up 1 nil.

OZ: There’s people at home screaming, please just go for Abba… Go for Abba!

JAMIE: Do you know, we couldn’t remember where Abba were from, we couldn’t remember.

RUTH: They’re Danish, aren’t they?

JAMIE: Is it Swedish?

AA: They are Swedish.

OZ: They are from Sweden.

JAMIE: You said that!

OZ: Er, the first one. Let’s take a, let’s take a tiny listen to A… Is Dana for Ireland and Ireland would have scored you 66. B… It’s not France. It’s Celine Dion singing for Switzerland and it would have been a good answer, actually. It would have scored you 11.

SEB: Oh, Celine Dion. Didn’t know that.

RxB: I’m just waiting to see how many points Finland scored.

OZ: The third one was Conchita Wurst, very famously, er, and, er… Austria, the answer there and Austria would have scored you 27.

RxB: Oh that’s the bearded lady from Austria. That’s a Shining word, you know.

SEB: How’s my beard looking? *sticks out chin*

RxB: *caresses SEB’s face* Very nice, stubbly.

OZ: D, Abba from Sweden… we discover. Sweden would have scored you 81. And E? Everyone’s right, it’s Lordi from Finland and that would have scored you 39.

AA: Lordy indeed.

RxB: Told ya! Finland. 

SEB: Yep. You won that one *rubs chin* I’ll give you your prize later *winks*


Nail biting, eh? 😉

Next up the Head 2 Head continues. Will the next question be the decider or will Ruth and Solomon pull it back to one all. You’ll just have to to tune in next time to find out… unless of course you’ve seen the episode  😉