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Sup y0, and y0s, and y0-y0s, n’shit like that?


^Losers – Summertime Rolls (Hybrid Remix)^
Utah officials release 911 call of man who apparently started fire




If a ghost suddenly appeared in front of you, just to let you personally know, that ghosts are real…

Q: Now what?

A: ...

“Thanks for dropping by Mr or Mrs Ghost!”


"Thanks for the fish."

Not that anything is fishy or anything.

Prolly a hook somewhere tho.

^Manufacture – Passion For The Future^


So…it appears that “Anonymous” is now in the business of aliens. Not like Anonymous is already a pack of fucking weirdos or anything…but I digress.

Um…I have a question…

Q: What in the FUCK do you mean…by “little microorganisms on a distant moon in our solar system?”

A: ...

Obviously, you either…

A) Cannot believe what you are actually contemplating with respect to the concepts of “size” as it relates to “intelligence” and its “discovery” from the vantage point of humans.


B) Are trying to get your head wrapped around singularities as it relates to size and/or life, via energy and energies, and all kinds of crazy paths and pathways.

Yeah…think “Land of the Giants” or “Fantastic Voyage”…and that should help you out immensely.

Also…stop relating “life” to or via “intelligence” and it’s trappings.

You as an individual, or even a group…may already be all fucking over these concepts.

But then again…maybe not.

Just sayin'.

Anyway…looking for life under the auspices of determining whether or not they are worthy of the classification …um… scares me. Breaks my heart too…but yeah…it scares me.

^Anonymous believes NASA is poised to announce discovery of aliens^


Um…one other thing?

Q: Who gives a flying fuck if NASA, or anyone else for that matter, announces “the discovery of aliens or alien life?”

A: ???

Q: Who gives a flying fuck if Anonymous, or anyone else for that matter, announces “the discovery of aliens or alien life” via NASA or any other source?

A: ???

Man…shit just got complex, eh? All kinds of twists and turns to think about there, eh?

The complexities of politics and political meanderings…all based on a single premise and/or a single viewpoint within a premise.


Isn’t it a fair assumption, for anyone who goes into politics/is elected to office, to assume that whatever is currently in place is how things are supposed to be? The voters sure appear to think that way. God forbid any changes are made. Not that the purpose of government is to change things or anything.

Q: I wonder if the purpose of government is to keep things the same?

A: ???

Maybe we get to make those decisions ourselves, when, and if, the opportunity presents itself.

^Der Böse Mann – Kommt Mit Mir (1990)^


Got another popup on my computer from ZoneAlarm firewall today. It’s pretty much what inspired me to write all the crap I’ve already written today, as well as what I am writing now.

I wrote recently about a popup I got from ZoneAlarm sometime back…and how confusing it was to get the popup, and how confusing the message that I got within the popup was to me.


First popup is below, and I got it back on May 15th of this year…

Q1: Which of your employees posed for the above pic?

A1: ?!?!?

Q2: Does this “creepy looking individual” that works for you have access to, erm, “questionable technologies?”

A2: ?

Q3: What do you have against hoodies and laptops?


The guy is prolly just playing Diablo.


Second popup is below, and I got it earlier today – Jun 29, 2017…

Le yikes. News I don’t want…via a software company.

I guess they are getting ready to expand to new markets.

Am I now supposed to look this bullshit claim up via some real and/or fake news source and verify it? If your software needs some kind of upgrade to combat this whatever it is, should I contemplate another software provider?

Meh…that’d be foolish. Prolly all owned by the same parent-company anyway.


This is the update window that I’ve been getting for the past 4-6 months.

My bitch with this popup…is…that is ALWAYS steals focus. No matter WHAT IN THE FUCK IS RUNNING OR WHAT I AM DOING…it steals focus and forces itself to the foreground. It’s pissed me off so bad, that I have refused to update.


“Security Software” keeps users honest. Yeah…users. It’s a constant reminder as to what you are downloading, from where, and where you go and what you do. If someone wants into your computer and/or network…they are going to get in…and there is nothing you can do about it.

^Numb – Lies^

I guess that software updates are now news channels.

“The second in the last two months?”

I know that I already ranted about this above…but to think that a software company is now going to start either A )quoting third-party news sources, or B) acting as a first party news source on THEIR schedule instead of mine? FUCK THAT and FUCK YOU!!! If I want news of ANY kind(s)…I’ll find it myself, you pretentious fucks.

Yeah...I realize you don't care.


There's a sucker born every minute...right?
^Ionic Vision – Drive^


Roob pointed out yesterday that this Tuesday is Independence Day. I’ve not really thought about this particular holiday much over the past few years. It used to be a day or weekend at the lake shooting fireworks and drinking beer…or grilling outside and getting drunk. There’s a country club right up the street that always has a professional fireworks show. Which is weird that they can shoot all the fireworks that they want…but average citizens…cannot.

The signs went up around here a few weeks ago.

They are HUGE signs, and simply say…



Yep…these signs are in both English AND Spanish.

Now…I wonder why that would be?

You don’t have bilingual street signs helping all people(s) on their way, but you put up bilingual signs on the street telling us what we cannot do.

Sorry political peeps…but it’s kindof a “Mexican Thang” to fire guns on Independence Day here in this neck of the woods in the USA.


Bunch of dirty, filthy, Mexican and Hispanic scumbags…celebrating…American Independence.

Guns or no guns…that concept alone is weird enough.

Add the thought of “celebrating independence with firearms“…and shit suddenly gets all kinds of sideways.

^Interactive – No Control 1990^


We’ve been through this nonsense before.

“I, as a white, gun-toting, God-fearing American…celebrate my freedom and independence with and via firearms, on every day of the year…except…July 4th. Every other day of the year, I carry a gun to celebrate my freedom…but NOT on July 4th.”


I guess this concept is about to rear it’s head again. I remember it from back in the 1970’s when we had a HUGE influx of Hispanics flowing through Texas looking for work. Many if not most, were migrant farm workers who were being put out of work by farms going bust just about everywhere. Most of these migrants were headed north into Oklahoma and Kansas, or coming into Texas from the west to head back south.

I got all kinds of stories that I could tell about that time and those goings on…but I’m not gonna tell em here.

^Front 242 Masterhit^


I guess that I am trying to get my head wrapped around what announcements, of any type, really mean anymore. NASA could announce that they’ve found a planet that is made entirely of diamonds…and it really doesn’t mean a thing to me. Not that they’ve already done that or anything, and not that I am complacent or dead in the heart. I just don’t think that announcements regarding “life elsewhere in The Universe” will come from some human government entity, irrespective of the country of origin.

I view “alien life” in much the same way that I view God/the gods. If they are there, and they drop by for a visit, they are fully capable of deciding how best to make their presence known. May take them a while to figure out how to do that, but yeah…prolly ain’t gonna come from some government that no one trusts. Maybe there is something to be learned there regarding the concepts of trust and self-trust.

^Bigod 20 – America^


Yeah…if little microscopic aliens showed up in some little microscopic spaceships…we might wanna think/rethink some of these thoughts that we have regarding size and sizes, and what those concepts really mean. Especially if these little fucks are mean little shits, here to bask their tiny little spaceships in our Pineal Gland goop.


They’ll be tripping balls, firing their lasers and shit for some intergalactic rave in our brain sacks…and shit might get a little kookie and out of control. I mean, not that I’ve been thinking about the concept of singularities over the last few years, and maybe some of the things that they can be.


But some of the concepts that I’ve pondered are fucking mind-bendingly…erm…mind-bending. Microscopic and even smaller particles, that move so ridiculously fast through space, spaces and time, that they can be in two places at the same time. Not only that, but they can move to a third location so ridiculously fast, that there is no way for you to quantify that they have moved at all, save for the events that transpire after-the-fact, that show that they did indeed move.

^SOLARIS – Revenge (Aggrotech,Harsh EBM, Terror EBM)^

Now…you are probably wondering…

Q: How can that be? How can they be here, and not there, and yet here and there at the same time?

A: ???!!!???!!!???

Welp…that’s really pretty easy. Because the question becomes, what are they doing here, and what did they do there? Yeah…event driven based on will and wills amongst intent and intentions.


Q: Are you at (a singularity) at the stoplight that is 10 miles from here? A: No.

Q: Can you make a piece of paper blow down the sidewalk that is next to this light? A: Yes.

Q: When? A: I just did.

To the observer who sees this piece of paper suddenly move, their heart is prolly gonna skip a beat. Maybe this singularity will drop by to check and make sure you aren’t having a fucking heart attack or passing out from being freaked the fuck out.

Point being, that these…erm…entities…are always moving so incredibly fast, that most of the time it appears that they are not moving at all. This is because they can be virtually anywhere and everywhere, or even nowhere…all at the same time.

Q: Sound familiar?
A: ???

Still too much of a stretch for ya? (pun not intended, but noted)

Let’s try this then…

 ^Valium Era – FCUK YOU^

Let’s imagine that there are in fact, two Universes, and not one.

Let’s imagine these two Universes as being side by side.

Imagine placing two bowling balls side by side.

Outside of these two Universes…is…erm…we’ll just say “the entity that created them”, and this entity is able to move and manipulate these two Universes at will.

0<---Universe A | Universe B --->0

Now…this entity, does not reside in gravity in the contextual way that we do…so they are gonna flip flop these Universes.

0<---Universe B | Universe A --->0

Yep…just that quickly.


Q: How fast did Universe A appear to be moving to observers in Universe B, an vice-versa?

A: ???

I’m gonna take a guess here, and say “infinitely fast.”

But to the entity that moved them, in relativistic terms, these Universes were only moved 3 feet.

There was no ill effects on either Universe, nor the environment(s) outside of them.

The entity that moved them, saw the opportunity to move these two, within a time frame, where moving them would have no ill-effect on either, and moved them.

So yeah…knowing a bit about environment and environments, and keeping the quantum and it’s contents contextual, allows you to do all kinds of crazy shit that seems impossible.

BUT! That’s how we learn.

Pathways of all kinds.
 ^!Bang Elektronika – Ich Bin So Atzend!^

Maybe that’ll open the door a little better to wormholes, what they are, and why they are.

Assuming that they actually are…that is.

^KMFDM – A Drug Against War.mpg^

I guess another good way to visualize this concept, would be to take one of the bowling balls, and shove drinking straws through them. This might help a little bit in visualizing the way and ways that energy and energies transition space and spaces.

As you push these drinking straws through, from one side to the other, and out, they are going to appear to achieve some ridiculously fast speeds, and create some massive energies…and they can and do.

But what about when the straws stop moving?

Yeah…as in…you push the straw only so far in, then stop.

If you think about both ends of the straw, where they were, to where they are, from beginning to end of the movement of the straw, that might help a little bit with respect to relativity and simultaneousness. ESPECIALLY as these concepts relate to other concepts like “spooky action at a distance” and other whacked out and weird concepts.

If you never NEVER EVER forget…where we are, and what is going on here and now…and how gentle The Universe is treating us and treats us…maybe some of these concepts won’t be so freaky and scary.


Time is...erm...weird.
 ^The Crystal Method – Name of the Game (Hybrid’s Blackout in LA Mix)^

Roob did such a great job at adding pics on the last whatever turned missive…that I’m gonna let her add pics to this one if she wants to.

OH! If you wanna find some of the freaky stuff that I find on Google Images, go to Google images, and search for…(don’t use the quotes, or you can if you want to, whatevz)

"geometric gif"
"geometry gif"


"infinite loop gif"


"infinite loops gif"

There are some other terms and other methods that I use as well, but I’ll keep those in reserve for now.

 ^Nitzer Ebb – Join In The Chant (Surgeon Remix)^

I gotta go.


 ^Agrezzior – Strong We Stand^


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Roob just mentioned via Twitter that she was about to start formatting the newest whatever I sent her last night, and I asked her if I could add a paragraph. She replied “no worries”…so…here we go.

Today is Friday, and I read a bit of my today’s repost of crap from back in December of 2015. In it, I espouse a rather fantastic claim of being able to unite divided scientific disciplines into a unified theory under a united umbrella.

You divided this shit up in the first place.

Is it my fault that…

A) You cannot piece back together the shit you tore apart in the first place?
B) I can piece the shit you tore apart back together?

I think that as long as you remain uni-perspective based, you are gonna stumble.

I also think that as long as you remain objectives based under the auspices of a single objective, you are gonna stumble.

 Everything is already connected and together.

Tearing something apart, even under the auspices of “so that you can better understand how is was connected in the first place” is no guarantee that you will find what you are looking for.

Especially when you consistently forgo the changes that are transpiring in the midst of the change and changes that you are making…thinking that this has no effect on outside events, irrespective of how you qualify your efforts.

“Impact via size and sizing/limiting” is a big one within science.

 How ironic...eh?

I get the feeling that there were no limits placed on the original design of our Universe. Hence…

1) You will never find what you are looking for using the methods and means you are using.
2) If you set your mind to actually finding what you are looking for, you will HAVE to go all the way.

Yep…scary thought(s)…eh?

All...or nothing.

Q: What’s wrong with nothing?

 A: ¿?¿
^Depeche Mode – Nothing (video)^



Missive from ‘Merica: It’s You ‘K, Not Me

Good news, Dear Reader…


The Okie Devil seems to be feel a little better and has sent through a upbeat missive, to help beat away the gloom of a wintry Sunday afternoon…


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Take em if ya got em.
(just a friendly suggestion)

^Losers – Summertime Rolls (Hybrid Remix)^

Afterall…we all know that only people on drugs think weird stuff.
Nothing unusual or strange about building underground roads, irrespective of where they are.

Q: When is the last time that you saw a road closed, the roadway removed, and the area restored to it previous natural state within natural nature.

A: Never?


^Jane’s Addiction- Summertime Rolls^

This post will not be sexual in nature.
I have a penis that is 13″ long, and 14″ wide.


That said, the rest of my “dimensions”…are irrelevant.
Oh…and have I mentioned?
I go down.
On the right woman anyway.
Q: What woman is “the right woman?”
A: Typically? The one right in front of me.

^The Crystal Method – Busy Child^

Let’s talk about you. I mean…who better to talk about than you? What choo gots on your minds? Elections, erections and reflections? Being all patriotic and upstanding and doing the right thing(s) for the right reason(s) and whatnot? Me too. Nothing better than being right and just and wholesome and pure. Cept of course…remaining right and just and wholesome and pure. Which should be pretty easy for someone who is right and just and wholesome and pure. Especially if you are patriotic. Does this make you a patriot? Or just a patriotic who isn’t able to actually achieve the level a “patriot” because you aren’t able to stoop to the level of bullshit that you must endure in order to become a patriot. Which usually includes becoming a hero. Which means that you prolly had to die. Which means that you had to become a martyr. Which mean you are dead. Unless you aren’t dead. Which…I have no idea what that makes you.

So anyway…tell me about yourself.
What’s going on where you are?
Are you involved in whatever that is?
How’s that workin out for ya?

^Blim and Rennie Pilgrem featuring MC Chickaboo – 2 Freaks^

Communication and communications is something that has been burning my brain for a while. It has also had the effect of burning my entire being. I typically use the typical common parlances when communicating…such as, “burning my brain, for example. If I had said “burning my being”…there are those that might infer, assume or even accuse me of having a romance with self-immolation, which I don’t, but this leads us to a point. And that is, that communications pathways are nothing new, they just to change over time. There is a fascination with the current speed(s) of communication(s), but the speed at which these communications travel are relative to the time and times. In ye olden days, communications that took a day or two by horse and rider were considered blisteringly fast. So now we have to add distance, because to keep things relative, we can now send a communication via land/sea/air and get virtually anywhere in the world in a day or two. I know that if I drop a 1st Class stamped letter in the mail, it’s guaranteed within 3 days anywhere in my country. Or is it 3 to 5 days? Maybe 3rd class is 5 days. Anyway…I don’t mail anything anymore cause I have nothing and no one to mail anything to…so yeah…so now we have cost and cost(s). So we’re aggregating aggregate.

Q: So what am I getting to?

A: There. You wanna read this shit or not?

There was a blurb I read someone over the last couple days regarding “Russian Hackers” uploading child pornography to certain politicians’ computers…and I guess the thought being…that whoever the “target” is, is someone that needs to be gotten rid of by any means.
Not that this concept is anything new. Meaning, an outside source moving “questionable material or information” from one computer to another.

Q: Where is the source?

A: !!!

Yeah…that source.
All of them.
Who makes up this shit?

^Conjure One ft. Sinéad O’Connor – Tears From the Moon (Hybrid’s Twisted on the Terrace Mix)^

Q: When you “devalue” something…how did that something’s value arrive at it’s previous value?

A: ???

What’s that? If I value my life, I’ll shut my fucking piehole and keep it shut?

Q: Did you just devalue my life? Or did I?

A: ¿¿¿

I would simply think that “power” is really just a fuzzy logic type of nomenclature for energy. Weird that it would work out that way, because one would think that it would be the reverse. But I’m also thinking of people’s proclivity to fearing fear or being afraid of being afraid. You can mix and match there at will, but I guess that my rewatching the movie “Young Frankenstein” today has me thinking about terms and terminology with respect to life and endeavors within life or a life. I had posted a vid over at Merovee the other day that was a bunch of video clips of “Close Calls” of all types that had been captured by video cameras. Lotta “nature” and “natural” types of things in that particular video that seem completely irrelevant to the modern life of humans and their machines and pathways. Or at least, until they are. And it really just stung me in my heart…a question…

Q: What in the FUCK are we doing?

A: Keep the “we” in a subjective context when thinking of your own answer.

^John Creamer & Stephane K. – I love you (Hybrid remix)^

There’s really nothing new with respect to tinkering and tampering, so it makes me wonder what the issue is. Assuming there is one. I mean, you can threaten someone the live-long day with doing or bad things to them, but it really doesn’t mean anything except which it does. Waffling between fear and hope is something that I guess could be called leveraging. Why do either? What is it that you are really after? Because even if I don’t know what that is? Yeah…you do. So now, there are TWO things that I don’t know that you want to know. No wonder you don’t trust anyone to “do the right thing.” If you cannot trust, you must not be very trustworthy yourself. At least, not for anyone other than yourself. People ARE allowed to say “no” ya know. I mean, you are…right? Or are you wrong? Right? Whatevz. Sally forth.

^The Crystal Method – Tough Guy^

Hello. Please come in and sit down. I have some things I need to discuss with you. I am not interested in discussing things with you that you are interested in discussing with me. Unless of course, it is in my best interest to discuss it with you. In which case, you must assume that it in our mutual interest(s). I am trying to protect your interests, assuming that it is in my best interests to protect your interests. Which…by the way…what are you interested in?

I personally like fucking.
But enough about me…let’s talk about you.

^Hybrid – Break My Soul – Video^

I have some serious shit to get to.
But before I do that…let me tell you a bit about myself.
I currently only have a penis to offer, as I am broke and unemployed.
It’s kinda small and unimpressive.
So…let’s talk about something or someone else.
The sooner the better.

^Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince – Summertime (Hybrid remix)^

So thinking about encryption and things like ciphers, it seems to me, that the less complex that a cipher is? Yeah…the more difficult to decrypt or “beat” it is. Yep…I’m thinking about number stations again.
What better to use as a cipher?
You guessed it…

…publicly available information.

The “1 to 1” types of ciphers? Yeah…intriguing. Unfortunately? You have no fucking CLUE as to the number(s) of “ones” involved in that equation/those equations. Yeah…motherfucking YIKES!!!
Man…you talk about sending “decryption people” on a wild fucking goose chase? Yeah…that’s the way to do it. Ever since “intelligence work” became “police work”…you fucks have shot yourselves in the fucking foot. Several times even. Maybe carrying an automatic or even semi-automatic pistol isn’t in your best interests. I mean…when you look for something that isn’t there? What adjustments are you making “to make it there?” Simple…create it. Yeah…talk about your nesting and embedding…I can get as creepy as you want. Weird how that works eh? I mean…stooping to such levels so I can navigate your channels.
Southern Cliche: When you are up to your ass in alligators, it’s time to drain the swamp.

Q: What in the FUCK are you doing in a swamp?


Oh…you’re too swamped to give an official reply?

^Hybrid – Higher than a skyscraper (Hybrid twitch and sweat mix)^

So thinking about this “1:1” ratio that has been bandied about here recently…let’s throw a new wrinkle in there…


Not null null…I’m thinking more along the lines of “nothing/nothing”…assuming you can grasp that concept. I’m sure you can, because it’s really quite simple in it’s complexity. What do we use as a model? Simple…Tachyons and Neutrinos. That means…yep…you guess it…Neutrons.

The “tic toc of the clock” of a different order…so to speak.
Yep…a silent one.
Or…silent ones…as it were.
Which ones?
Welp…that’s complicated.
Oh…and let’s go ahead and do the next step as well I guess…
Tic toc.

^Infusion – Legacy (Junkie XL Remix)^

Today, I got to watch an episode of some new series called “Taboo” with Tom Hardy. Someone made the “personal” note to me that Tom Hardy’s dad produced this show or something like that. Which I find weird, because Tome Hardy’s dad also produced Tom Hardy. Weird…
Ironic that the actor who played “the governor” character from the recent “Pirates of the Carribean” series, is NOW playing the head of The East India Trading Company. Anyway, yeah…there was some series on the National Geographic Channel of something like that which had a series called Taboo as well. It was about that weird shit that goes on in Godless parts of the world where devil worshipers who don’t love Jesus or God or anyone else for that matter, do weird shit in public that most of “the civilized world” only does in private. Like this one time? I was fucking my pet goat? And these secret agents came in and came in my goat. Yeah…they fucked my goat. MY GOAT!!! Musta somehow seen an opportunity to be the lecherous bastards they are, and fucked my goat and told me not to tell anyone…otherwise…they would tell on me for fucking my goat.
Buncha fucking two-timing, double-dealing, backstabbing bastards.

NOTE: I do not own a goat, nor would I fuck it if I did "own" a goat.


Yeah…I know what’s comin’.

Q: Do you?

A: (not askin’…just sayin’)

You really need to ask yourself the following question…

Q: What if?

A: Oh yeah!


^The Crystal Method Murder^

It’s currently 02:22 in the morning, and I’ve been up since 12:30. It’s cold outside. No wind, drizzly/misting with heavy fog. Quiet. Peaceful. Beautiful. Still. Calm. The halos around the street lights, and the glow of the natural gas plant lights just up the road are tolerable tonight because of the fog. Which is weird, because on a clear night? The lights are almost intolerable. They create a haze that is blinding. I’d rather stare at the sun when its out, than see the dark lighted with electrical lighting. All of the different types of lights and lighting and shading and intensities and etc., even tho they are all electrically powered…just seem to be stepping all over each other and making it damn near impossible to see at night. Now how fucking weird is that? Difficulty seeing at night, because of all the goddamn lights. So much for standards eh?

^The Crystal Method – Blowout^

In the pic above…

Q: What is left out?

A: Everything else.

Say what?

Q: Where did that DNA come from?

A: And where is that “come from” now in relation to the DNA strand?

So…if you order you up a “designer baby” from Dr. DNA…

Q: Who is being left out?

A: Yeah…that one.

I mean…what happens when you order yourself up a baby with brown hair and blue eyes, and when it gets here, it has brown eyes and blue hair? Are you committed to raising that little punk rockin emo kid as a punk rockin emo kid? Because even tho you are gonna prolly save a SHITLOAD of money on hair dyes in the future, you know that the kid is gonna have to spend a lot of time at comicons and Star Trek conventions and anime conventions. Weird that an unconventional kid would suddenly be destined to spend their lives at conventions eh? Anyway…yeah…”baby” and “kid” and “child” and shit like that? At what point do they become a person? A human being even? OH! When they are old enough to become their own person? And who is gonna handle THAT “training period?” You? What about all of the genetics shit that you took the liberty of tinkering with? You didn’t get what you wanted…and even if you did?…what happens when you don’t? You gonna kick and scream and throw a fit like some spoiled little brat?
Great plan.
Let’s run with it.

^Sarah MacLachlan – Fear (Hybrids Super Collider Mix)^

I guess the best and most logical method of “proving” that aliens exist?
Easy…make one.
Yeah…I’m suggesting that you create one.
Out of thin air? I don’t give a shit what kind of air you use.
I would suggest staying away from the swamp gas tho.
Apparently, alligators live there, and you may have an overpopulation issue.
You may even find that the “population problem” includes a certain recent addition member of the current populous. (yeah…you)
I mean…you found your guy right?
You just didn’t find what you thought you were gonna find.
You found something else entirely.
Good luck.

^Mind Games – Sinead O’Connor^

Oh…I’m sorry…did you not wanna talk about this shit? Or did you? Or…”do you”…contextually, might be better phrased. Cause you KNOW that all we do is shit. (Additional “O” intentionally averted/omitted) So yeah…let’s keep talking about this shit. Sure, sure…this conversation is a bit…”one-way”…if you will. But that’s kinda what happens sometimes. The conversation is all one way and one way only and lopsided and me me me or you you you or whatever whatever whatever…and we all know what happens when shit is repeated in threes right? Yeah…CHANTING!!! And chanting is BAD!!! And BAD is EVIL!!! And EVIL is NO GODDAMN GOOD MOTHERFUCKERS!!!

^Mind Games with Lyrics John Lennon High Quality Audio (Blue Ray)^

I guess with some of the reading that I have done over the last week, I’m a little more all over the fucking place than usual, because I really hate it when I see things that I don’t understand. But more than that, I hate things that I DO understand, and suddenly have all kinds of questions. I also hate it when someone suddenly becomes too-busy to talk about whatever in the fuck they are talking about. So, I play every side of the fence that I can think of. I guess some would say that there is a problem with comprehension there. That if I am not well versed enough in a certain subject that my ignorance is my enemy, and whatever I have to say is invalid. Fair enough. But that’s a damn vague way of simply saying SHUT THE FUCK UP N00B!!! to someone who just poked you right in your weak-spot. I guess that’s why and how this secrecy business is, or can be, so fucking destructive. The more you hide, the more that you have to hide. And the more that you hide, the less that remains hidden. Weird how that works eh? But it’s kinda like “the concept of dividing by zero”…which some say is impossible. But that’s not correct. Zero can be divided just like any other number. But it has the effect of creating a pointer that is VERY visible to “the unseen in the seen” as I call it. Being mindful of those who do not have the same sense of sight that some of us do, I don’t like calling it “being seen” or “the seen” or “the unseen” on that premise alone. I don’t like to deprecate those that are already qualified as deprecated or “less-than the average.” It’s weird how “the less than” suddenly becomes “the more than” in that situation eh? Even moreso that it is more visible than the visible.
The blind are more visible than those who can see.

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Lotta pics in this whathaveyou. I wonder how many there are?
So let’s ask ourselves a question…

Q: What is the number of basic shapes?

A: Zero (0).

There are no “basic shapes.” There are shapes that take shape, when and where they take shape.

Ya Savvy?

Yes. I impolitely steal bandwidth and use images without proper authorization or consent from the authorizing disconsenters of privately owned publicly available whatever. I make millions of billions of mega-dollars off of this heinous bullshit. And I will soon take a vacation to Spain to visit one of the ancient Atlantean civilizations known as Atlantis. Yes. There was/is more than one. You may have even seen it, and not even known it. Under those circumstances…does it matter what the name is? I just wanna go back to the old country one more time before I leave then come back and visit it again later.

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I wonder where that “wobble” originates?
I wonder where that “wobble” originated?
I wonder where those “wobbles” originate?
I wonder where those “wobbles” originated?
I wonder when those “wobbles” originated?
I wonder when those “wobbles” originate?
I wonder when that “wobble” originated?
I wonder when that “wobble” originates?

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If I take the time to comment on something that someone has written, is it worthy of a response simply because I took the time? Or is the content more important? This one seems pretty simple. And it is.
I’ll shutup.

^Ministry – “Flashback” (Official Music Video)^
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/me waves
Howdy! 🙂

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Can’t be afraid of what you don’t know you should be afraid of…right?

Q: Is there anything in life that I should NOT seek to be afraid of?

A: !!!

Or should I just let that fear come to me “naturally?”

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El trece es mi número de la suerte.


Foetus – I Hate You All – Damp (2006)


*Well he’s definitely sounding perkier, Clicky… /relaxes… Fairly warms the heart…*


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