CLICK5: The Fat & The Thin Of It

Does America Have A COVID Problem Or An Obesity Problem? | Zero Hedge — RooBeeDoo (@RooBeeDoo1) October 20, 2020 The 'public health' lobby will leave no stone unturned in finding effective ways to mitigate COVID-19. Except this one. — Christopher Snowdon (@cjsnowdon) October 19, 2020

CLICK5: The New Religion

It reminds me of an experiment our psych prof had us do. The premise is, if you can get a person to do something small, you can get them to do something big by incrementally increasing the demand of the tasks by small degrees. If you do it right, you can create a mindless slave. … Continue reading CLICK5: The New Religion

CLICK5: Tiers For Fears

From a cheeky holiday snap to this in three steps. That escalated quickly. — Julia Hartley-Brewer (@JuliaHB1) October 18, 2020 Sunday shows roundup: Andy Burnham – Trapping us in Tier 3 will ‘cause real harm’ — Coffee House (@SpecCoffeeHouse) October 18, 2020 Tiers before bedtime via @joeblob20 — RooBeeDoo (@RooBeeDoo1) October 13, … Continue reading CLICK5: Tiers For Fears

CLICK5: 2020 Hindsight – The Milgram Experiment

Tiers before bedtime via @joeblob20 — RooBeeDoo (@RooBeeDoo1) October 13, 2020 IT'S. NOT. IGNORANCE. Don't you see how the "nonsense" makes perfect sense if the mission is NOT about public health? Have you looked at the funding/affiliations of all those advising Gov?Across the West civil, cultural & commercial life must be decimated to … Continue reading CLICK5: 2020 Hindsight – The Milgram Experiment

CLICK5: A Winter’s Tail…

"Right In The F*ckin' Dome": Leftists Celebrate After "Patriot Rally" Attendee Killed In Denver | Zero Hedge — RooBeeDoo (@RooBeeDoo1) October 11, 2020 Mr Trump’s recovery from the rona has been impressive. Makes me wonder whether he might be a secret smoker. — Christopher Snowdon (@cjsnowdon) October 11, 2020