Someday Girl

someday (adv.) “at some indefinite date in the future,” 1768, from some + day. MISS SOMEDAY. Poor Charley wooed, but wooed in vain, From Monday until Sunday; Still Cupid whisper’d to the swain “You’ll conquer Betsey Someday.” [“The Port Folio,” June 1816] *Hello, Clicky… /lights up… That’s a good quality vid… /drags… Who uploaded it?* *Figures… /rolls eyes…* … Continue reading Someday Girl

Missive From ‘Merica: Edumacatin’ Teh Limeys

*Wait a minute, Luke Skywalker isn’t an American… /thinks…* Howdy, Dear Reader 😀 Okie Devil Cade Fon Apollyon has sent us a new missive from the Lone Star State of Text Us… *Oh, I see – there’s also a ‘lone star’ in ‘Star Wars’… /lights up and smokes… Tenuous, Clicky, extremely tenuous…* In the middle … Continue reading Missive From ‘Merica: Edumacatin’ Teh Limeys

Missive From ‘Merica: We Kenned Whatever…

#WorkFromHome — Bob Kostic (@causticbob) October 15, 2020 *Ha! /claps hands… This month has been sumfin of an orange syncfest, Clicky… /winks…* I have been giving Strauss & Howe’s The Fourth Turning a great deal of thought recently, Dear Reader. If the current Fourth and Winter Turning started in 2007, and will probably conclude … Continue reading Missive From ‘Merica: We Kenned Whatever…

Missive From ‘Merica: Body Talk

*Clicky, it’s late in the day and have to go make dinner. Can you introduce Cade’s new missive, please? …/pauses… Keep it simple, Sweetie…* *Excellent! A Song to cook to… /sashays toward kitchen…* ******* If you are looking for the source of a river, chances are you’re looking in the wrong direction. Perhaps…look…up? Up is … Continue reading Missive From ‘Merica: Body Talk

Birthday Selfie With Click…

*Oh hey, Clicky… /waves back… We ain’t gotta social distance, you daft dolphin, come ‘ere. Wot’s that you’ve got?* *Jelly and eye screen? …/lights up… For my birthday? …/drags… Oh, fanks, Clicky…* *No, I’m not feeling particularly blue… /plumes smoke… Though a lot people are… /shakes fist in rage… Damn you, Moros!* *California seems to … Continue reading Birthday Selfie With Click…

Missive From ‘Merica: Izzy Wizzy, Let’s Get Jiggy!

‘Her bottom was much bigger than mine and she wore a blonde wig that was longer than my own hair. It was ridiculous and I was very upset.’ “After promising to have the stripper back in her regular job the next day [the director] was surprised to discover her still enjoying herself with the crew … Continue reading Missive From ‘Merica: Izzy Wizzy, Let’s Get Jiggy!

Story Time: Lust Christmas

Merry Christmas, Dear Reader 😀 If you didn’t find a copy of Underdog Anthology X in your stocking this morning, never fear – Leggy has been exceedingly generous and posted two of his stories from the volume up at UBU… Santa is Coming – A Christmas Tale via @Underdogsbiteup — RooBeeDoo (@RooBeeDoo1) December … Continue reading Story Time: Lust Christmas

Story Time: Exchange Students

Welcome, Dear Reader, to Easter at the LoL… Maybe take up astronomy? No telling who you'll find out there. 🙂 — Cade FON Apollyon (@CadeFonApollyon) April 16, 2019 *Wait… /rubs eyes… didn’t we start yesterday’s post with that tweet from Cade, Clicky?* *Ah, okay. Thanks, Clicky…/pats snout… Gotcha…* Today we are delighted to be … Continue reading Story Time: Exchange Students