CLICK5: State Of Play

The @EmpireStateBldg reminding us that the city is in the middle of an emergency. — Rita J. King (@RitaJKing) March 31, 2020 My 76-year-old nan called me on the Alexa this morning to tell me how she cried tears of anguish in her tiny council bungalow when she heard that James Corden is having … Continue reading CLICK5: State Of Play

CLICK5: Potato, Pot Arto… */shrugs…*

War — RooBeeDoo (@RooBeeDoo1) March 29, 2020 Shadow figure and Red herring. — RooBeeDoo (@RooBeeDoo1) March 29, 2020

CLICK5: Hope Springs Eternal

CLICK5: Kung Flu Fightin' via @Roobeedoo1 — RooBeeDoo (@RooBeeDoo1) March 19, 2020 Coronavirus Strikes At Heart Of Downing Street. PM, health secretary and chief medical officer ill. Infections in Britain doubling every three days – LINK @Steven_Swinford @oliver_wright @elliotttimes @EleniCourea#frontpagestoday #UK #TheTimes #buyapaper 🗞 — Front Pages Today (@ukpapers) March 28, 2020

CLICK5: Kung Flu Fightin’

Just been sent this. Where’s Wally during a coronavirus pandemic? Oh, there he is. — Julia Hartley-Brewer (@JuliaHB1) March 19, 2020 Texas Man Arrested After "The Virus Has Become Airborne" Hoax Post Sparks Chaos | Zero Hedge — RooBeeDoo (@RooBeeDoo1) March 19, 2020 O Cristo Redentor foi iluminado, nesta quarta (18/3), com as … Continue reading CLICK5: Kung Flu Fightin’

CLICK5: To The Max

Star of iconic plague film The Seventh Seal, Max von syDOW dies at same time DOW crashes do to coronavirus plague fears. — Tonkiri (@Syncwinnipeg) March 9, 2020 #hitchhikersguidetothegalaxyIt's the 42nd anniversary of the very first BBC radio broadcast of Douglas Adams’s space-comedy which went from cult phenomenon to one of the most enduringly … Continue reading CLICK5: To The Max

CLICK5: Less Than Zero

okay—this is not good — James Poulos (@jamespoulos) March 8, 2020 Clet. Milano — Street Art Magic (@streetartmagic) March 8, 2020 Extraordinary times.Italy's draft emergency Coronavirus law to ban entry and exit to whole of Lombardy region – capital Milan- Venice, Padua, Parma & 8 others.Weddings and funerals banned. Cinemas, gyms, pubs, museums … Continue reading CLICK5: Less Than Zero

CLICK5: Milkin’ It

At the End of the Day via @joeblob20 — RooBeeDoo (@RooBeeDoo1) February 10, 2020 Joaquin Phoenix is really out here at the #Oscars lecturing us about how we oppress cows for their milk — Caleb Hull (@CalebJHull) February 10, 2020 India's Leaders Claim Drinking Cow Urine Will Cure Covid-19 | Zero Hedge … Continue reading CLICK5: Milkin’ It

CLICK5: To Brexit And Beyond…

Bregret: the process where Remain campaigners projected their feelings of sadness and remorse on to Brexit voters in the hope that their feelings would catch on, in the absence of new arguments to remain in the EU #BrexitDay — Spectator Life (@Spectator_LIFE) January 31, 2020 Warming up for later. Cheers! — Nigel Farage … Continue reading CLICK5: To Brexit And Beyond…