Missive From ‘Merica: Missive #137

FULL MOON on Friday the 13th! Only about 1% of full moons fall on a Friday the 13th. This one is even rarer, occurring near apogee, the farthest point in the Moon's orbit. This last happened in 1832 and won't happen again for more than 500 years! pic.twitter.com/5tZABb76fi — Katie Walls (@KatieWallsWSB) September 12, 2019 … Continue reading Missive From ‘Merica: Missive #137

137: Pointlessly Exercised

Seams, Dear Reader, that the Dez Rez Prez of Trump Town is to pay a visit to Old Blighty on 137… */lights up… Hey, Clicky, didn’t I see sumfin ’bout spoons earlier? …/drags…* If you're being taken abroad against your will for; ▪Forced Marriage▪Sexploitation▪FGM▪Child Abuse▪Abduction▪Honour Based Violence▪Human Trafficking 🥄 HIDE A METAL SPOON IN YOUR … Continue reading 137: Pointlessly Exercised

Missive From ‘Merica: Wipeout

If you’ve noticed lack of missiveness here at the LoL recently, and have been craving some good old Text US Okie Devil meandering ponderings, then today, Dear Reader, is your lucky day… Enjoy! ❤ ******* Wouldn’t it be great to have a book that contains everything you need to know about life, but not need … Continue reading Missive From ‘Merica: Wipeout

Missive From ‘Merica: Sunday Special

Dear Reader, having spent the past – just shy of – seven years immersed in ‘Synchromysticism’, it is my contention that ‘Synchronicity’ is in fact a language. So, it was really interesting to stumble across this video the other evening… */lights up… Imagine discovering the blueprints to the ‘Ark’… /drags… and then getting to build … Continue reading Missive From ‘Merica: Sunday Special

Adventures in Remote Viewing: Stranger Fins

*/rolls eyes… I agree, Clicky, the first two seasons of Stranga Fings did concern ‘Free Will’,… /lights up… butt that’s Free Willy…* Dear Reader, after posting Cade’s latest Missive at the LoL on Friday evening, we settled down, in our respective locations – Southend and Texas – to remote view season 3 of the Netflix … Continue reading Adventures in Remote Viewing: Stranger Fins

Adventures In Remote Viewing: Shimmer Shamble

*Why does he keep saying ‘annihilation’, Clicky? Me and Cade remote viewed that last night… /lights up… And it has a lighthouse in it…* *Weird and interesting movie… /deep drag… No wonder MEROVEE Frank in the Red universe references it often…* */holds breath…. And I’m sure that lucifurious tweet had the movie’s shimmer colours, Clicky…* … Continue reading Adventures In Remote Viewing: Shimmer Shamble

Adventures in Remote Viewing: Camera One, Camera Two…

Dear Reader, this week Lone Star Texas resident, Cade Fon Apollyon, and I, Essex seaside resider, have been remote viewing, together… Deadwood: The Movie The Limehouse Golem The Animatrix Titan A.E. Chernobyl Good Omens And we decided to write a post about it. Together… Remotely *You fink Dear Reader will get the reference, Clicky? …/lights up … Continue reading Adventures in Remote Viewing: Camera One, Camera Two…


A few years back the LoL conducted a ‘Pointless Exercise’, in a search for the elusive meaning of 137… *Clicky, …/lights up… I have no idea where I’m going with this shambles… /drags… ‘elp me out… /blows smoke…* All they need is the blindfold and the last cigarette. They look utterly defeated with no vestige … Continue reading CXXXVII Diem

Further Adventures in Remote Viewing: Finding Fun Guy

I read a rather alarming report last night, Dear Reader, about a deadly fungus epidemic ‘sweeping the globe’… Mysterious Drug-Resistant Germ Deemed An "Urgent Threat" Is Quietly Sweeping The Globe | Zero Hedge https://t.co/uI7AjAe9ns — RooBeeDoo (@RooBeeDoo1) April 7, 2019 *Yikes! …/lights up… I read a story once about a deadly fungus epidemic, Clicky… /drags… … Continue reading Further Adventures in Remote Viewing: Finding Fun Guy

Missive From ‘Merica: Split Peas Oops! (Part 4)

Happy Sat-Here-Day, Dear Reader… As promised, here is the fourth and concluding part to Cade’s latest missive. Take your time reading it… … And enjoy! ❤ *******   A dress sserd A A dresserd A ^Christoph Waltz Gives Jimmy Fallon a German Words Quiz^ You think it really possible that an atom being constructed in … Continue reading Missive From ‘Merica: Split Peas Oops! (Part 4)