CLICK5: ♪ Tweet Covid Slime… ♪

5 thoughts on “CLICK5: ♪ Tweet Covid Slime… ♪

  1. Sorry, I have been a bit busy Blogging absolute crap. And dealing with The McCann Forum which is also largely absolute crap.

    But we all stagger on.

    The Rotten Little Shit left rivers of urine on the floor last night, but it was raining, again. And I no longer have any desire to get cross with him. And he wouldn’t. notice if I did.

    Actually, he possibly does notice, but doesn’t understand why.

    I am sorry if I mostly make mock of your Blogs, but only because I don’t understand.

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  2. Haven’t watched any of it and not going to watch final.

    Something’s not right with all this which I think we know. Music seems to be a big part of it.

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    1. Agree, I haven’t watched any of it either, although I have heard others celebrating goals in the neighbourhood. I’ve had no interest whatsoever in watching any televised sports since 2012…


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