Playing Devil’s Avocado

‘You’ve been actively participating in discovering “meaningful coincidence” for longer than I in some of the realms that we both swim.

‘Q: Do you ever stop and reflect on what you are doing and why?’


*It’s my own fault, Clicky… /lights up… I did ask… /drags… It was really late… /plumes smoke… Or really early…*

Cade accepts Roobs offer

*Not sure, Clicky… /smokes… should I go for the long or short answer?*

*Fair enough…*

The short answer is ‘Yes’ and as to why, perhaps an example of ‘meaningful coincidence’ may be helpful in this regard, Dear Reader. It happened today, in fact whilst I was writing this post. I’ll describe in bullet point form:

  • I am currently on a long weekend from work, which I booked off back in the summer because the date coincides with the deadline for submissions to Underdog Anthology 9;

  • Thoughtful Man had other ideas and planned on hiring a skip, so that I could spend part of my long weekend clearing the accumulated crap from the garden this weekend;

  • Boo! I was not looking forward to clearing the crap from the garden;

  • Earlier this week Thoughtful had to spend the skip money on emergency reupholstery on back seat of his taxi;

  • Yay! I didn’t have to spend time this weekend removing the crap from the garden;

  • Yesterday a skip appeared on our next door neighbour’s drive;

  • Thoughtful Man comes home from work this afternoon, whilst I am writing this post, and tells me that our next door neighbour had just offered us use of his skip;

  • The garden is cleared and its accumulated crap is now sitting in next door neighbour’s skip.


*Holy guacamole, Clicky… /flicks ash… A toast?*

*Blimey! Cade knows about my fondness for drummers…*

Dear Reader, have a Song ❤


24 thoughts on “Playing Devil’s Avocado

  1. If your weather this weekend has been anything like our weather, then your neighbour will have a fine swimming pool / deep fish-pond. 😀

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  2. Roob

    Thought raising article. No surprise. I’m a fully paid up member of ‘meaningful coincidence’.

    Your article made me think why did I suddenly start to see ‘synx’ in a big way about 2006 even though I had been involved in similar fields for well over 10 years. My occasional meaningful coincidence had gone in the That’s Weird box and forgotten about and then a rush of them which I couldn’t ignore. And in hindsight they were always there.

    I think many are purposeful but many aren’t. They just are but even then they point to something greater than the random reality I once believed in.

    Initial thoughts.Maybe back with more.

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            1. Fissure King(s) Clicky?

              Fisher King
              Frick And Frack
              Dura Mater
              Great Tarsal Synovial Membrane
              Bacterial Blight Of Cotton
              Growth Medium
              Mark 9:44-48
              Mark 9:19
              Helicoverpa Zea
              European Corn Borer

              Roob had mentioned Morgellons the other day whilst we watched that children’s programming type movie, but I missed the message, we never talked about it further, so I could only wonder if it was “where the worm dies not” bit that you were referencing.
              (I added the Mark 9:19 verse too because Trinity had mentioned it the other day, except in the context of Matthew)

              ^White Magic^

              Was thinkking that Percival located, captured, cleaned and cooked a rabbit for Lancelot.
              As a result, Percival got his foot in the door.
              Quite the feat.
              Rabbit’s Foot –
              Cracking one’s way into the aristocracy. One of many steppes that eventually led to finding the Grayal,
              Made me wonder if one step is more/less important than another, according to whom, When and where and why and zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

              Does have a loopy nature to it tho Clicky. (to me anyway)
              Finding a rabbit.
              Finding the Grail.

              ^cEvin Key – Wind on Small Paws (Unofficial)^

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  3. What? What did O’Fucking Connor not do.? This Fucking Dog is something fucking else. He is a dear born monster who has no conception of what he is. But he could soon find out

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  4. Do you know, I do so love dogs. Although some of them have been a bit more important.than others. It comes as it may.

    However, this fucking little shit is probably going to be the death of me. He is a total horror story. But I’ll tell you what. I am going to win this one before I die.

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  5. Everyone who has posted above me is either A) a Limey, or B) too chickenshit to ask.

    I myself am only partially lime, kinda like in a Sprite or 7-up kind of way, but I am not afraid to ask.

    Q: What… …in the hell… …is a “skip”?
    A: And the answer is NOT nor any other search engine.

    I and the rest of ‘Murca demand answers.
    Hop to it.
    Skip to it.

    ^Skip to My Lou Finis Henderson^

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      1. I kinda figured that’s what it might be.

        Gotta check and be sure tho. You peoples noreast and across the pond of me are an unpredictable lot.

        ^Dumpster Diver (Holy Diver Parody) feat. Samuraiguitarist | Mike The Music Snob^

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