New Ham Let: ‘Cos Play’s The Fing

*/lights up… Afternoon, Clicky… /drags… Feeling Old Skool, are we? …/streams smoke…*

I saw a tweet earlier today, Dear Reader…

*’rollie stone’… /:D… *

Franglish Monkey Sync Sense goes for Smiles

Having a fascination with ‘signs’ and ‘syncs‘, I was interested to see, just how far the UK had “sunk”, so I clicked and started to read

‘ROLLING Stones guitarist Keith Richards proved he’s still got plenty of puff left — after being given permission to smoke on stage.

‘The 74-year-old rocker was seen having a crafty cigarette during the band’s show in London this week — aptly called their No Filter tour.

‘He was cheered by the crowd of 70,000 at The London Stadium in Stratford as he lit up, flouting the strict no smoking rule.’


*/thinks and smokes… 70,000 people applauding the lighting of a cigarette, against the rules? In a stadium, Clicky, some believe hosted a magikal ceremony… /smokes and thinks… I wonder if the magik was intended as a one-off thing, or if the potential lingers longer than anticipated?*

*Butt then aren’t we all born a bit slippy, Clicky? …/blows smoke rings…*

The next bit of the article I found particularly interesting, Dear Reader – the Local Authority expounds on the issue…

‘But Newham Council said it would not be taking any action because smoking was part of the act. ‘Smoking on stage is permitted “where the artistic integrity of a performance makes it appropriate for a person to smoke”, therefore no action will be taken,’ it added.’

*As You Like it… /final drag… Underworld may have directed the music but Shake Sphere’s Tempest formed the basis of that magikal ceremony in 2012, Clicky… /fills air with smoke… And he’s still going…*


*Smoking is an art, Clicky… /stubs butt… Sonnet 6+6+6… Ya Ken?*

Time for a Song, Dear Reader. Enjoy rest rest of Whitsun ❤

*Really, Clicky? I’d have had money on you going with a Stones Song…*

46 thoughts on “New Ham Let: ‘Cos Play’s The Fing

  1. Speaking of syncs, I took this pic in Memphis with intention of showing you and as it turns out, I believe the number is significant also, if I am understanding what you say about 51.
    Area 51

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    1. “This region takes pride in its definition unlike any other place in the country. Southerners are curators without white gloves. The region is eternally trying to save face. The South doesn’t go out to fetch the mail without putting on makeup. We repress certain elements of our past: our politics, our religion, our sexuality. While at the same time, we praise all these things. This region is a didactic contradiction.”

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      1. speechless.

        About the 5th elephant, I would like to stop playing the game. I don’t think I’m playing but rather like we are hooked into these human suits with limited awareness, only thinking that we are deciding to do this or that, when actually it’s more like observing a dream happen before you.

        That’s pretty sync-y. It makes me wonder…which witch is which? And do you ever stop being amazed at everything? I don’t know what it means, though.

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          1. “A Titanide, or Titaness, Mnemosyne was the daughter of the Titans Uranus and Gaia. Mnemosyne was the mother of the nine Muses, fathered by her nephew, Zeus”

            Uranus is coming back for Gaia. And its shock and awe. Uranus is Ouranos, meaning “heaven”.

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  2. I keep talking about your birthday because I go overboard with birthdays but I love birthdays. Ruby, for your birthday, here is a lovely print that I think is adorable from Tin Can Forest.

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  3. About the Mandela effect (and other strangeness like shootings, etc), I was wondering if these things happen in the ever-changing magnetic fIELd, at zero declination?…

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          1. Yes?
            If I get new information then I will share. The pics I just posted are weaved by the mother spider. What is she saying?

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  4. Ok I gotta share this and now on phone so apols if I don’t post pics properly. I need to go to bookstore so I park and see this

    Then I walk by this

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    1. Holy Hathor Batman! I didn’t frame the surrounding messages! Incredible!
      See?! Am I am idiot for being amazed? Is it nothing? Is it everything?! If you know something, please tell!

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      1. It’s a language, MJ. The best was to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it 😀


      2. Apollyon, is your world like this? And I like the language you speak but I don’t always understand it.
        In your plumbing blog, I was somewhat understanding what you were saying, and I am often telling M that our biological, 3D selves are in this dense reality because we need a new understanding of energy. Or, (what I believe) is that we need Sophia to show or guide us to a less dense place. Sorry, I know you’re not a fan of flowery speak, but I don’t know how else to talk. Don’t throw up (more plumbing issues). Did you know I was once a plumber in the news?
        Speaking of that sort of thing, you might find this interesting.

        I think life and death exist at the same time. Die everyday. You’re reborn when the son rises. Kill off what you don’t like and rise with the son from the ashes. Renewal. Rejuvenation. Eternal. Thats what Sophia is about.

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        1. I went to New Orleans not long ago. First time and I loved it! American city that’s not like America. I saw some interesting things. It’s also called “the crescent city” because it’s on the bend of the river. The moon is about cycles of time, but not about structure like Saturn. More like ebb and flow.

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        2. Yes. My world is like that 24/7, and my entire life has been like this. Never have had anyone to talk to about this and these experiences tho. That all changed between 2008/2012. That said, I personally tend to stay away from certain nomenclatures with respect to experience, leveling, who is “in the know” and who isn’t…that kind of shit.

          If you assume to know where someone is, has been, or will be…to me anyway, that says that you are likely ignoring the person that is standing right in fucking front of you. If there is a goddess named Sophia, and she is trying to speak, she’s likely trying to speak to you in the now, based on what is happening now. Not likely to be a conversation about past sins nor future transgressions, but more likely a getting to know you kind of thing…just saying hello. Sure, there’s going to be all kinds of twists and turns and self-wrestling, perhaps even topics on very specific things. I dunno. I’m not her, nor you, nor anyone else…I’m me. I figure that most, if not all “conversations with the divine” are likely to be…private.

          As far as “the language that I speak”? I don’t try to speak up or down…I just say what it on my mind, and try to be mindful of any reader who might bumble onto my nonsense. I’ve no aversions to “flowery speak”…I’m a poet and musician for chrissakes. 😉 I have trouble assigning a personal value to something that may not be equally applicable to someone else.
          “How to tell if your DNA is being activated.”
          Assigning standardization to that idea? Welp, you just included a bunch of peeps, and excluded a fuckton more. I personally am used to being left out or excluded, and I’m quite comfortable with it. There are plenty of people that aren’t. So yeah, I can see some connections to lots of writing that I do, which is why I write, but I’ve no one to talk to about a lot of this shit, so yeah…I write.

          Chill. Don’t chill. No idea. Listening is almost always good, but you gotta go with your own gut on that.

          Which, that reminds me, when “M” was posting certain comments over @ Merovee in a certain way? I took those as a metaphor for trying to communicate. Perhaps even trying to communicate, and no one was listening. I give a lot of thought to how I would communicate with aliens or gods or artificial intelligence or even just some woman that I meet and fancy. That doesn’t always help tho when the actual talking starts. I could be the smartest motherfucker ever to have lived and know everything there is to know about communications/communicating, but that’s not going to prevent me from still being the nerdy dipshit that I am. Everything becomes new when the talking starts. You never know where the conversation may lead. /shrug

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          1. Yeah I agree, just asking because you “speak” in a way that tells me you “see”. Sometimes words are redundant. Perhaps that is one of the points. Yes I know communication with divine is personal but we are all talking about it aren’t we? I guess it’s nice to talk about personal experiences sometimes or maybe not. Personally I find everyone interesting.
            And I like birthdays. When’s yours? Or at least, your sign. Not being nosey, just talking.
            Apollyon-O, before you showed up around here, M used to be Viktor. He definitely spoke a distinct language, very different than his most recent language. Kinda sorta like you, but with more YouTube’s, more “code”, and fiery journalist all in one.
            The first time I met him, I thought to myself “he is not from this world”. To make a long story short, coming from a world of crypto currents and underworlds. I told him about love and all of a sudden he started referring to himself in 3rd person and never using 1st person pronouns. He changed all clocks on digital gadgets and appliances around him to hours off, saying he could live by the sun. And he used to be a writer but now says he can’t write. He has a library of books but now doesn’t read.
            It’s as if he’s working out the new language, in a way that one represents the entirety. He and my son have the same birthday.

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  5. 11/15? Oui? Le Scorpion!
    a dolphin and chews bubble gum!

    In 1966,
    1966 – Project Gemini: Gemini 12 completes the program’s final mission, when it splashes down safely in the Atlantic Ocean.

    at 3:23

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