Step Outside…

Last night, and again today, Red Universe Frank made comment about Captain Oates of the ill-fated Scott expedition to reach the South Pole, together with a clip from Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’…


… Meanwhile Blue Universe Frank penned another fine essay on the group of people who were ordered to go outside on 1st July 2007…

*It’s certainly gonna be sometime before I venture back inside a pub, Clicky…/takes angry puff…*

Last year, I revisited ‘The Shining’, in Forwards/\Backwards mode…


*Alright, I’m getting to it, Clicky… /taps ash…*

… And this week I watched film by another great film Director, Oliver Stone

Oh course, I heard about Edward Snowden, read and posted about the whistleblower at the time he outed himself, but was especially taken with a pivotal scene in the movie. One where he decisively steps outside

GUARD 1: Hey!

SNOWDEN: Did you ever play with one of these?

GUARD 1: Yeah when I was a kid.

SNOWDEN: Yeah. You should try it. It’s hard.

GUARD 1: I can’t figure this out.

GUARD 2: I don’t know about this.

SNOWDEN: You’ve got to start with the white cross actually and then you do the corners.

GUARD 1: Ahh… Oh man look, I love these things. Hey, have a good weekend.

SNOWDEN: You too buddy.

*What does he remind you off, Clicky? …/lights up… The kid from ‘Third Rock From the Sun’… As he’s walking out…*


*/stubs butt… Knot the other one?*


*/shrugs… Suit yourself… /Checks time… Shit! It’s nearly time for ‘Sherlock’, Clicky… *

Due to unforeseen, technical reasons, Dear Reader, this shamble is now terminating… Many Apol! Loogies

*/rushes away…*

16 thoughts on “Step Outside…

  1. Yes. What is coming for poor old Frank. And maybe everyone.

    And Ed Snowden’s glasses jumped out at me as I had my eyes tested yesterday and a new pair of glasses are on the way. I’m going grey. Surprisingly my vision has improved since the last eye test about 4 years ago.

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  2. And I’ve just realised. I have been playing with a Rubrics Cube but in a bizarre way.

    It’s Rubedo 🙂 Al Chemistry.

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  3. I guess I don’t know who this Edward Snowden person is. Should I? I mean, above and beyond a human being obviously. I didn’t click on the Wiki link yet, nor did I watch the vid where Oliver Stone of all goddamn people is giving a PSA about turning your phone off? I’ve been avoiding shit like this for quite a while. I’m nervous. I can draw some conclusions from the gifs, and I’m not sure who to be more angry at with shit like this. Usually, I’m equally angry at all parties, and that tends to make me furious.

    ^XTC – Dear God^

    Speaking of which, there was a pretty good 20/20 or some news show expose on Oliver Stone when I was younger about his life up to that point. Yeah, drugs was the primary focus…go figure.

    Yes, I watched the news and news programs quite a bit when I was a kid. But I think a lot of kids do and did. I remember when “Channel X News” became “Channel X Action News” or “Channel X News First” or “Channel X First News First” or “Channel X Live Action News First” and shit like that. Then they “got back to basics” of just reporting the news with no fluff…but it was the same old shit…always looking for another war to fight irrespective of theatre and theatres. It’s almost like “The Cold War” was and is the forgotten war that is still right in our fucking faces. Vietnam helped. So did Gulf War I. But some people ignore shit like S.E. Asia and Africa and the rest of Asia and South/Central America and Post-WWII Europe and why all the fighting was going on in the first place. And every time that I hear the phrase(s) “Projecting our power” or “Protecting our interests” or “Protecting our way of life”…I wanna puke. I used to have to sneak Life and Time magazines to read what was going on in the world, because I was told that it wasn’t my business.

    I guess that’s what it’s like to be born with a death-sentence. My parents were sure that I would never make it to “age X” and so I lived in a box. I guess so that I would get used to the idea of winding up in one. That may sound bitter, and it is, but not really. I’m so fucking far past that, but at the same time I can never “get rid of it” because it happened and it’ll always be with me. It IS me. Ya gotta mellow that rage into something that helps reign in that fury, and turn it into something else entirely. Or at least, I did. But that’s just me. One of the drawbacks of a good memory…fury. Especially when others put your pain on some sliding scale of “well it could been worse” or “you’re better off than that person over there”…it’s the same logic as looking for another war to fight. To me it is anyway. Always looking for something worse in order to find something better.
    Whatever works eh?
    I wonder who it works for?
    /me shrugs

    ^MC 900 Ft Jesus – I’M GOING STRAIGHT TO HEAVEN (1989)^

    I’m sorry…did ya’ll want to talk about this? 😉
    Sorry. 😦 But for me, “the spy game” lost it’s intrigue a long time ago.

    ^Adventures in Failure by MC900ft Jesus^

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    1. Yes, but aren’t we all born with a death sentence? It’s a fatalistic way of looking at things but it’s true none the less. The one cause of death is life…

      I’ll make some concessions to those I love, but there’s no fucking way I’ll allow any body/bodies to dictate how I live my life, in order to prevent my death when they have no fucking idea how they are going to die, let alone how I will…

      *Your point, Clicky?*

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            1. I will never forget ‘CHIEF AWESOME OFFICER’. Could be the inclusion of an exclamation mark at the end of the title might have saved it from Wiki deletion.


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