How Much Crap Can a Shitsack Stack?

The shitsack in question, Dear Reader, being Dr. Stuart H. Kreisman…

Princess Leia ultimately killed by the real Darth Vader

…projectionist par excellence for ‘Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada, with an exclusive opinion piece for the Vancouver Sun

Carrie Fisher’s death, while very sad, can be turned into a meaningful public teaching moment.

*/dries tears of sorrow…* Oh yes! Let’s… *Clicky, if you wouldn’t mind…*

Let’s jump straight in to No. 4 in the list of things the Nazis apparently got right: Anti-Smoking campaigns. Although it wasn’t just campaigning they excelled at. No, they pretty well much produced all the original scientific research, at the behest of their fuhrer, that underpins today’s fearless Tobacco Control advocates’ arguments…

Smoking accounts for 10 per cent of all deaths in Canada, and kills more people than alcohol, drugs, car accidents, murder, suicide, and AIDS combined.


Now let’s look at No.2, ‘filming techniques’. Dr Kreisman kindly includes some thoughts about that too…

Recruit Hollywood’s help and take control of smoking’s image — show that it truly is not cool, but instead, a never-ending beauty-and-health-destroying, poverty-inducing, pathophysiological battle against nicotine withdrawal that mostly traps society’s weakest (and least enviable) members.

And let’s not overlook No.3 on the ‘Well Done You, Nazis’ list, their ‘Welfare Program’. Obviously having ‘one of the largest public welfare programs in history’ must have meant the goosesteppers took special care of ‘society’s weakest (and least enviable) members‘…

Many mental health professionals have now begun to address nicotine addiction head-on in their patients as a result.

Oh course Dr Kreisman omits that the only smoking Princess Leia is seen to be involved with on screen was the chemistry between her and Hans Solo…

*And looking smokin’ hot in that bikini… /nods… That, too, Clicky… /thinks… I wonder if an Endocrinologist has to take the Hippocratic Oath…*

*Hmm that’s not so much a stack of crap, Clicky, than a shit fan… /lights up… but I applaud the sentiment…*

*Agreed, Clicky… /drags deeply… the resemblance is uncanny…*


6 thoughts on “How Much Crap Can a Shitsack Stack?

  1. From my Raincloud requirements document written earlier today.

    “The final value of totalDrops will be transferred to the user’s account by creating a new type 1 ‘genesis’ record on table tblReservoirTransactions as per the example given in process CGS004.”

    Any chance I can score a dropping off you, Roob? I’m fucking gagging for some shit…

    Meanwhile, I’ll send in J and Silent Bob with sharp sticks and stiff pricks to…um…fuck their Nazi shit up…

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  2. Scathing. Seriously…I can feel your anger from here. 😦

    I couldn’t read the article. The headline was bad enough. All under the auspices of…”Opinion.”

    But…let’s think positively here. (HeH HeH HeH)
    Afterall…everything is a process.
    Q: I wonder what “tobacco” is made of?
    A: ???
    Yeah…the “raw plant”…what’s it made of?
    We may never know, cause something is missing.
    But let’s focus here, and not get off on some wild-goose-chase.
    Let’s stick to the topic at hand…
    …which is?

    ^How It Is Made – Cigarettes^

    Q: What’s missing in the video above?
    Yeah…I didn’t notice many people in that video either.
    Prolly all quit for “ethical” reasons, and went to work at McDonald’s or Taco Bell or something.
    Q: I wonder who built all that shit, that makes all that shit, that got us to this “shitstorm that we are in?”
    Who cares!!! Let’s BURN IT DOWN!!!
    Q: Would “burning down a cigarette manufacturing plant” really be a good idea?
    Or are we advocating the eradication of the plant/plants known as tobacco itself?
    Yeah…whoever is advocating whatever it is that they are advocating…
    …all in the name of dead woman.
    I just wanna know “my peeps.”
    Not that they are “my peeps” or anything.

    Not to play devil’s advocate here or anything…but I wonder if an agreement can be reached?
    Maybe even…a trade?
    Even or otherwise of course.
    Afterall….equality is simply a matter of time and timing eh?
    “Even” today…may not….be…so…even, oh say…on the same date 30 years from now.
    Or tomorrow even…for that matter.
    We’ll forego the “buyer’s remorse” for now, and focus on more “positive” things.

    But let’s say…well….lemme change gears midstream here…

    …let’s do it like this…

    …and lemme ask of all parties…

    …whatcha willing to trade?

    Maybe I can broker a deal or something.

    Not that I have that kind of power of anything.

    But ya never know…

    …maybe I can finagle something.


    Maybe I can.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    ^Ship Launch Gone Wrong^

    But enough of this sinking ships crap…let’s sink some more crap in lieu of that other crap that’s not supposed to sink.

    ^Vehicles Falling Through Ice Compilation^

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    1. One more thing, and this is why I stay away from shit like this…

      Her name was, and is, Carrie Fisher…NOT…Princess Leia.
      Princess Leia = FICTIONAL CHARACTER
      Carrie Fisher = ???Dead???
      If she’s “dead”…then how do you know her?
      Was she dead when she was alive?
      Did she ever exist?
      How did you know?
      Did you know her?

      Legacy = Legacy

      Carry on.

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      1. When laws are written and passed on science fiction, lifestyles curtailed, even lost and no one gives a fuck, who’s a girl’s fictional dolphin assistant to call?

        *Heh! You saw Cade’s earlier post, Clicky?*

        *Okay, enough of the period jokes, Click…*


        1. >>>>who’s a girl’s fictional dolphin assistant to call?

          I seem to be on speed-dial. Almost, an open-channel…so to speak.

          I may take a while to answer, but I’m listening. Have been for a while now. Still some “filtering” going on. But that process is equally mysterious…so…yeah or something. 🙂

          Good thing I’m not trying to figure any of this shit out eh? Would get real boring real quick around here.

          ^Maceo Plex & Gabriel Ananda – Solitary Daze^

          An intergalactic “merge” of sorts. But, it’s prolly different for everyone. Some merging is more abrupt than others. And “abrupt” itself is kinda contextual. Take “entering a black hole” for example. Science assumes that there is only one way in. I would argue, that sometimes…there is no way in at all. You could buzz right by it, tap on it’s window of sorts, fucking tap dance on it’s surface, and it would be no different than anywhere else.

          But that’s just me. Science could give a shit what I think.

          ^Alan Fitzpatrick – Skeksis^

          Your friend at UnderdogBU was kind enough to pass some stuff along. Thinking on it.

          I’m really sorry that there are those that think that I am being intentionally coy or evasive. Or deceptive even. I have no answers. Unless I do. The problem is, and remains, origin and origins.

          The only thing that “they” want to know more than what you know? Is how you know it. Where the information came from. Odd that information from a source within a source of information… just … ain’t … good enough.
          /me shrugs

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