Click A: Toast Before the Roast Sunday

*Dear Reader, I’m busy sew… You know what to Doo…*

*Leave a Clicky-stylee reply, if you want, it’s up to you, below the line…*

*/blows kisses…*



13 thoughts on “Click A: Toast Before the Roast Sunday

    1. I don’t like marmite. I have tried it but it’s not for me, Joe 🚬 I live vicariously – I’m not offended by it butt I don’t want to see it banned either. Also known as my own personal law ‘I smoke so you don’t have to’.

      🚬 I don’t want to be a Tobacco Controller, so I’m not. Don’t get me wrong, they were a useful learning tool for me butt now I wish they would just fuck off out of our lives. Tobacco Template? LOL

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    1. Jesus H Motherfucking Christ. Tax that fucking turdbag until he dies for saying “tax” excessively. Talk about your fucking excesses.

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