Yay! It’s ‘Not Giving a Flying Fuck’ Friday

Not giving a Fuck on Friday Lunchtime

*Oh Clicky – I look bloody awful in that snap…*

Oh snap

*Wordpress not working properly for you today Clickstar? …/snigger…*


*Well, yeesss… but not yet. Here, have a Song…*

…And buck up!

16 thoughts on “Yay! It’s ‘Not Giving a Flying Fuck’ Friday

    1. Indeed Joe. I am a confirmed non-driver, but I would never demand the driver of a motor vehicle not rev the engine in my presence… unless we were in a confined space, like a garage, with no windows, and the garage door locked… Then I think I might punch the driver’s lights out but then that would be considered self-defence 😉

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  1. Uh oh. The most recent shamble fused into the one before and I got all confused and thought they were the same one because I’ve had a couple of glasses of wine. Everything is syncing or am I sinking?

    he drinks a glass of milk at the end.
    Whew. I thought I was sinking. I’m syncing. Silly me 🙂

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