Sheldon Meets Prof Proton

The Big Bang Theory has been part of our lives since H (Husband) discovered the series on the plane back from Florida. Our first family holiday; we took the boys to Disney World.

Clips, gifs, quotes from this series will appear throughout, Just saying …

Two news stories knotted on Merovee this weekend: A giant smoky man exploded out of a volcano in Chile …

Calbuco Smoke Man

… And a the threat of explosion at New York’s giant Green Lady …

NY Green Lady

NB. Green was my favourite colour until it developed Stockholm Syndrome in the tender mercies of Eco ‘Watermelon’ Loonies. I want it back and I want it healthy because, you see, I smoke and I hate what the Anti-Tobacco Loonies have done to word ASH, which also happens to be the colour of my hair.

Giant smoky man and giant copper lady … I wonder … I’m friends with a giant smoky Doctor, now meet my other friend Shiny, or ‘TNT’, who also has his own laboratory:

I’m still trying to figure out how to put a link to his blog on the side bar. In the meantime, have a Song …

2 thoughts on “Sheldon Meets Prof Proton

  1. You can’t go wrong with frequent references to ‘Big Bang Theory’- a most cleverly crafted series. Welcome to blogland and keep posting.


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